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   Chapter 336 A Plot

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"Have you found out who took Dumpling away?"

This sentence was full of hope. She stared at Ethan, hoping that he could give her a confirmation. She had been suffering all night. She didn't know who took away her child, nor did she know what the man's purpose was. She was really afraid that something bad would happen to Dumpling.

If something really happened to Dumpling because of her fault, Marilyn thought it would be difficult for her to live on! She felt so guilty and panic.

Hearing that, Ethan pursed his lips. He fell silent. He had already locked the suspect, who was the so-called boyfriend of Marilyn. Although he knew that Marilyn was lying to him, he could see that Marilyn and Juan really had a good relationship, even if they were not boyfriend and girlfriend.

If he told Marilyn his suspicion of Juan, was Marilyn really willing to believe him?

After a moment's silence, he looked into Marilyn's eyes and asked in a particularly serious tone, "Mary, do you believe me?"

Marilyn was stunned. She was confused by his sudden serious question. But should she believe him? She believed him, and there was no need for Ethan to lie to her. After all, Dumpling was his son. She believed that he would not lie to her about the safety of Dumpling.

Thinking of this, she nodded and said, "I believe you. So, have you found out where Dumpling is?"

Marilyn believed that Ethan would not ask her the question for no reason. The most possible reason was that he had found out the person who took Dumpling away, and that person was someone she absolutely couldn't suspect. Suddenly, she felt uneasy and had a bad feeling.

Sure enough, the next second, what Ethan said made Marilyn stunned and her eyes widened in disbelief.

He said, "If I say, it was Juan who took Dumpling away. It was a play directed by him, so that you wouldn't suspect him. Mary, do you believe me?"

Staring into Marilyn's eyes and holding her hand tightly, he felt his heart was lifted as he said this, because he felt that Marilyn would not believe him, not because she didn't believe him, but because she didn't believe that Juan would do such a thing.

After all, in front of Marilyn, Juan was always gentle, elegant and considerate. Who would believe that he would do such a thing?

However, at this time, after such a thing happened, there was no reason for Ethan to lie.

"Are you kidding me! How could Juan do such a thing? This is too absurd! " Marilyn was stunned for a while. When she came to her senses, she only felt that what Ethan said was extremely absurd. Why did Juan do such a thing? He had no reason. What benefit would he get if he kidnapped Dumpling? It was not that Marilyn didn't believe in Ethan, but his suspicion was too bizarre for Marilyn. She would suspected anyone except Juan.

It was because that Juan hid his true color w

e little Dumpling to be on the street, Marilyn still had a glimmer of hope. Was it possible that little Dumpling run away by himself? Maybe he just got lost? She went to the street to look for him. Maybe he would come back when he heard his mother's voice.

After Marilyn ran out, Ethan's subordinates immediately followed her, not far away, in order to protect her safety. Besides, they also informed Ethan that Marilyn ran out.

However, just as Ethan was trying to find out the most important moment, his was obstructed by Juan, so he had no time to care about Marilyn. He could only send someone to follow her and protect her from any harm.

In order to find the little Dumpling, Marilyn took a photo of little Dumpling and asked people all over the street if they had seen the boy in the photo.

"Excuse me, have you seen the child in the photo today?"

The response she got was from the passers-by was always no.

Marilyn kept calling the name of Dumpling all the way, and her voice was so hoarse that she could hardly speak. "Dumpling, Dumpling, where are you? I'm your mother! ……"

In order to find little Dumpling, Marilyn didn't eat or drink for two days from the moment she lost him. On the second day, she finally fell down. She was so anxious that her eyes suddenly darkened and she fainted on the street.

Fortunately, Ethan had sent someone to protect her. When his subordinate saw Marilyn faint on the ground, he didn't dare to delay for a moment and hurriedly sent her to the hospital.

However, on the way, Marilyn woke up and insisted on looking for little Dumpling instead of going to the hospital.

His subordinate was in a dilemma and called Ethan in a hurry. "Boss, Mrs. Marilyn fainted on the road. We are sending her to the hospital now. She woke up and refused to go to the hospital anyway. She insisted on looking for the young master again. What should we do?"

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