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   Chapter 331 He Came Late

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Although Marilyn was confused, since they didn't want to talk about it, Marilyn didn't force them. Instead, she led the well-known figures in the industry to visit her flower arrangement training class. She was neither humble nor pushy, nor felt inferior because her training class was not so high-end, nor was she in a hurry to please these people.

The visitors were all guests, and she always welcomed them as usual. Thinking of this, Marilyn smiled at Charlie and said gently, "Our flower arrangement training class doesn't cover a large area, mainly for children to learn flower arrangement, so we have referenced many kindergarten's decoration designs. Let me show you around, and I hope you can give me more advice."

Charlie also appreciated Marilyn's neither humble nor pushy attitude. When he heard that it was only a small training class that they were invited to attend, they were more or less dissatisfied. Although they were forced to come here for the sake of the person who invited them, they didn't really think it was worth their support.

But when they saw Marilyn's neither humble nor pushy attitude, they admired Marilyn more.

Charlie smiled and nodded, "Then it's better to accept your invitation than to be respectful."

The others echoed. Everyone had a good attitude towards Marilyn. After all, they were invited to the party. There was a burst of laughter on the scene, and everyone had a smile on their faces. They sighed in their hearts that Marilyn was a very good person, and they didn't waste their special visit.

The onlookers were all surprised to see that Marilyn was talking and laughing happily with the big shots in the industry. Although the training class was not big, they didn't expect that there were many hidden talents in it. Most of the parents wanted their children to learn flower arrangement here. After all, it was a rare opportunity to have the guidance of a famous and talented expert like Marilyn. Moreover, Marilyn also had no qualification of the students. Besides, the tuition was not expensive. Basically, ordinary families could afford it.

Marilyn took these industry leaders to visit her training class. At this time, Juan who heard that her training course was opened today came late.

Seeing that Juan came in from the door, Marilyn said apologetically to the big shots, "I'm sorry. You can visit by yourselves. I'll leave first. My friend is here."

The bog shots didn't put on airs. They nodded with a smile and said casually, "It doesn't matter. We can visit by ourselves. You can go ahead with your work."

"Okay." Marilyn nodded, turned around and walked towards Juan.

At the moment she saw Juan, she had some ideas about the support of these big shots. She was already certain why they would suddenly come. They were not invited by Silan. Although Marilyn wa

n, and that they would rekindle their relationship.

"Thank you, Juan. Without your and miss's help, I don't know what to do these days." Marilyn smiled happily. Her clear and bright eyes were as bright as stars. She looked straight at Juan and thanked him seriously.

Marilyn was really grateful for his help. She had just moved to a foreign country, but in fact, Marilyn was still not used to it. Although Juan was very busy with his work these days, he specially took time to visit her. He would help her unconditionally and comfort her from time to time. Marilyn was moved, and at the same time, she was also grateful to his kindness. She liked Juan more and more. Although there was still no love between them, she really treated him as her best friend.

"You never need to thank me. Aren't we friends? We don't need to say thanks to each other. " Juan raised his hand and rubbed Marilyn's hair. His eyes were full of tenderness as he looked at her. His tone was extremely gentle, but he felt sorry for her in his heart.

'Sorry, I lied to you.'

In fact, these people were not invited by Juan, but he was very afraid. He was afraid to see Marilyn and Ethan be together again. Even if he was mean, he would do it. As long as he could get the love of Marilyn, he was willing to be a despicable person.

The flower arrangement training course set up by Marilyn was a great success. With so many industry leaders present, the parents no longer hesitated and reported their children's names. After their mouth to mouth talk, the training course of Marilyn was a local hit.

Her business was very successful this time with the help of Ethan. Juan guessed that the big shots invited by Ethan were indeed correct. It was Ethan who invited them. He was afraid that Marilyn would refuse his help, so he specially told them not to tell her his name.

Then he gave a big favor for Juan.

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