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   Chapter 329 Sadness

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"Okay. I'll send you the address later. I have something to do here. You can check it yourself." Silan replied in a warm voice. Her voice sounded very energetic. She had planned to go with Marilyn, but suddenly there was something that she had to do, so she just could let the little disciple go by himself. But she heard that the little disciple's nanny had come and the children were taken care of by someone, so she was relieved.

"Okay, Miss. Don't worry about me." Marilyn nodded and said casually. She had already bothered her teacher for a long time. Her teacher had done many things for her emigration. How could Marilyn blame her for not accompanying her to see the houses? She was not a child anymore.

After hanging up the phone, Marilyn soon received a message from Silan, telling her the address of her previous property and telling her that she had put the key in the neighbor's place and not to forget to take it.

Looking at the message from Silan, Marilyn couldn't help smiling. She felt warm in her heart. It was really a good feeling to be cared about.

She was going out. The kids had woken up, and she had to say goodbye to them. She didn't know if they would cry or not.

Thinking of this, Marilyn went to the bedroom to find the two children. Zaria was playing with them, and they were sitting on the carpet playing toys.

The little Dumpling first noticed Marilyn. His eyes lit up. He put down the toy in his hand, stood up and stood in front of Marilyn like a small cannonball. Because he was not tall enough, he could only hold Marilyn's calf and look up at her. He gave her a big smile and said, "Mom, come and play games with us."

At this time, little Bun also saw Marilyn. She stood up and rushed over to hug Marilyn's second leg. Not to be outdone, she said, "Mom, I want you to play with me too!"

Being held by two legs, Marilyn didn't dare to move for fear that they would fall down. She didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. Helplessly, she bent down and rubbed their little heads respectively. She said in a warm voice, "Mommy has something to do and need to go out. Little Dumpling and little Bun should wait for mommy at home. Let aunt Zaria play with you. Mommy will be back soon. I will buy some delicious food to our little Dumpling and little Bun, okay? "

Hearing that Marilyn was going out, the two children were a little disappointed, but they were both very obedient. As long as Marilyn request seriously, they would agree.

Little Bun let go of Marilyn's leg sulkily and said disappointedly, "Well, mommy has to come back early."

Seeing that his sister was unhappy, little Dumpling held her hand and coaxed her, "Don't be unhappy, sister. Mommy will bring us delicious food when she comes back. Let me play with you, okay?"

"Okay!" Little Bun's mood changed quickly. Hearing what little Dumpling said, she was immediately happy and nodded hard.

"Mom, sister and I are waiting for you at home.

home. It was warm and beautiful. She breathed a sigh of relief and was in a better mood.

The decorations were all set, and the rest were photos. Marilyn had taken a lot of photos with the children, and recorded the process of their growth from birth to now.

She put the photos of her and the children on the cabinet by the wall of the living room. When she put the photos together, Marilyn paused for a while. After she put them on the cabinet, all the things that she had experienced with Ethan suddenly came to her mind. Marilyn's tears fell silently, click, click.

She didn't know why she felt so sad all of a sudden. The sudden appearance of such a suffocating feeling made Marilyn at a loss.

Perhaps it was because she had seen the photos with the children that she suddenly remembered that she hadn't taken a photo with the children and Ethan. From marriage to divorce, they hadn't taken a family photo once. And now, they might not be able to take a family photo together anymore, because they had already broken up, and could not be called a family anymore.

The kids didn't even know who their father was until now. Maybe they didn't know that there was a father in the world.

All the memories of her and Ethan flashed through her mind quickly, like a movie that was being played back. Painful, exciting, happy, sad, and many other memories filled her mind in an instant.

Marilyn couldn't hold back her tears anymore. Because of the good sound insulation in the room, she was not afraid of waking up the children. Looking at the photos, she cried like a child who had lost her love. She could only cry to vent her sadness.

She just felt very sad all of a sudden and uncontrollable. Perhaps this kind of sadness had been suppressed in the bottom of her heart all the time. She pretended not to care about it every day, but in fact, she only suppressed her negative emotions in the bottom of her heart. The wounds cut by Ethan were never healed.

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