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   Chapter 327 New Home

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"Mom, I'm so sleepy. I want to sleep a little longer." Hearing Marilyn wake her up, little Bun rubbed her eyes and looked at Marilyn sadly.

However, little Dumpling obediently sat up from the bed. Hearing what little Bun said, he took her hand and said seriously, "Sister, we have arrived at the place. We can't sleep on the plane. Don't you want to start our adventure?"

Being coaxed by her brother, little Bun finally nodded and smiled at her brother. "Okay, brother. I won't sleep. Let's take an adventure together."

Seeing that the two children were still thinking about taking adventures, Marilyn was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. Seeing that the two children were so close to each other, she also felt warm in her heart. It seemed that it was right to take them to America. At least, in the future, she didn't have to worry that the Lan family would compete with her for the custody of little Bun and little Dumpling. She would definitely take good care of them.

"Well, let's go. We are moving to our new house today." Marilyn smiled at the two children, helped them put on their coats respectively, and then carried them out of the bed.

Noticing that she had woken up the two kids, Juan carried her luggage behind her, bent down and hugged the little Bun with one hand. She smiled gently at Marilyn and said, "Let's go. I'll hold the little princess and you can hold the little Dumpling. There are many people at the airport, they would not be bumped in this way."

"Okay." Marilyn nodded. Since Juan said so, she wouldn't be polite to him.

The two of them got off the plane one after another. They met Ethan outside the cabin, but the two of them only nodded slightly to him as a greeting, polite and alienated.

Standing still, Ethan watched their receding figures disappear. He clenched his fists unconsciously. His nails were not long, and because of too much strength, they left one and another crescent mark in the palm of his hand, but he seemed not to feel any pain. His eyes were gloomy and his whole body was emitting a terrible low pressure.

"President, it's time to go." His assistant reminded him in a trembling voice. He was frightened by his gloomy face.

But the plane had already landed, and the airline stewardess would come to ask them to leave if they didn't get off the plane. Moreover, they came to the United States this time because they needed to sign an important business contract here. This was an emergency trip, and there was not much time left. The person who came to pick up them was the people from the other company. There would inevitably be a dinner party there later, and it was impolite to let them wait so long. The assistant had to remind the man who was in a bad mood.

Interrupted by his assistant, Ethan took

" Looking at the two cute kids, Silan said to Marilyn with emotion.

Hearing Silan's praise, Marilyn couldn't help smiling and said shyly, "They have been very obedient since childhood. In the past, I didn't do my duty as a mother. In the future, I just want to take good care of them and hope that they can grow up happily."

Marilyn always settled down when she saw the two kids. Now that she had moved to America, she was looking forward to a new life in the future.

Silan didn't ask more about Marilyn's sudden emigration. No matter what happened, Silan believed that Marilyn had her own considerations and would support her.

The two of them chatted and laughed. Soon they arrived at Marilyn's new home. Silan found Marilyn a white villa with a small yard which was filled with beautiful flowers and grass. This residential area was very good, and the neighbors were all kind and simple people. After hearing that Marilyn would take the children to live here, Silan had personally chosen several houses for her and her children. Considering the living environment should be suitable for children, Silan finally decided to buy this one.

Marilyn got out of the car with her children in her arms. When she saw the small building in front of her, her eyes flashed with amazement. She really liked the environment here, and the air was filled with fresh fragrance of flowers and plants. "Wow, it's very beautiful. Miss, it must have taken you a lot of effort to find such a house for me. Thank you."

Compared with Marilyn's gratitude, the children were more direct. The two kids, little Dumpling and little Bun, were excited to look at the scenery in the yard on the fence. The little Bun said happily, "Mom, mom, is this our new home? I like it so much. It is so beautiful. "

"Mom, Dumpling also likes here. It smells good." Dumpling echoed.

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