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   Chapter 326 Tit For Tat

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Ethan was very sad, but no matter how sad he was, he still couldn't say a lot of words to Marilyn. He could only hide a lot of feelings deep in his heart.

He stayed in the cabin of Marilyn's for a few minutes. Afraid that Marilyn would suddenly wake up, he decided to leave. Looking at her sleeping face with his deep eyes, although Ethan was reluctant to leave, he finally decided to leave.

Since he had decided to leave, he stood up directly. At last, he took a look at Marilyn and the two children, turned around and walked out of the cabin.

Walking out of the cabin, he closed the door lightly. At this time, there was a voice of strapping behind him.

"It seems that the famous president of the Lan group is just so-so. What do you want to do by sneaking into other people's girlfriend's room?"

Juan's voice was cold and piercing. He was no longer gentle and warm when he was in front of Marilyn. His tone was full of sarcasm, and his thin lips compressed into a straight line, looking particularly cold and thin.

Hearing his voice, Ethan turned around and looked at him coldly. When he heard the word "girlfriend", his face instantly darkened. He sneered, "Marilyn is my... Ex-wife, and I'm the biological father of the two children. Do I need to sneak in to visit them? It's none of your business. "

Indeed, he went to visit Marilyn and their children secretly, but how could he show weakness in front of Juan? He just wanted to strangle Juan right now. When he saw Juan, he became more and more depressed.

Someone else's girlfriend?

Did Marilyn really get together with Juan?

No, he didn't believe it. He didn't believe that Marilyn would really fall in love with another person in such a short time.

What Ethan said sounded reasonable, but Juan sneered and warned him, "Ethan, Mary has decided to start a new life. You so-called ex-husband should quit. Well, you don't protect your precious woman you brought back from the countryside, what trick do you want to play? You should know that you and Mary have divorced. The romantic relationship between you and that woman has been known to almost the whole Dragon City. Mary lost her dignity because of you. She was hurt and insulted cruelly by you and that woman from nowhere. It was you, Ethan, who trampled on Mary's love mercilessly, and now you pretend to care about her. Don't you think you are disgusting, Ethan? I will never let you hurt her again. "

The existence of Ethan was his biggest rival in love. Of course Juan would not hesitate to be against Ethan at all. He hoped that Ethan would disappear in the world now, so as not to hurt the person he loved. He saw clearly how deeply Ethan had hurt Marilyn. Compared with being

of Marilyn. It was said that art came from life, and life was above art. This scene was especially like the battle between the two men in the idol play, and the heroine was still sleeping soundly in the room. The heroine knew nothing about the undercurrent and needle confrontation between them.

Moreover, in Marilyn's impression, Juan had never shown such a cold expression. He was always gentle and considerate.

The two men were lost in their own thoughts. Juan didn't say that he and Marilyn were a fake couple, and Ethan didn't say whether he had regained his memory or not. The two of them only talked for a while and then returned to their own cabins. They had their own thoughts and looked at each other unhappily, wishing to let each other disappear in the world forever.

It only took a day to fly from A Country to America. Marilyn and the two kids took a nap until night.

"Get up, Mary. We're in America."

Marilyn opened her eyes slowly. She had been sleeping for the whole afternoon. Although she was woken up, she was still a little confused. Blinking her big misty eyes, she looked at Juan and muttered, "Juan, what's wrong? Have we arrived? "

Noticing that she was so cute when she just woke up, Juan couldn't help laughing. He raised his hand and tucked the messy hair on Marilyn's face behind her ear. Then he said slowly, "Yes, we're here. Get up quickly. We can rest at home."

Marilyn was still a little sleepy. She blinked her eyes and didn't wake up until quite a while later. She sat up from the bed and smiled at Juan. "Well, fortunately, you woke me up, or I would have overslept."

Then she turned around and saw that the two children were still sleeping. She did the same and called them up in a low voice, "Babies, get up quickly. We have arrived at the destination."

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