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   Chapter 301 Closer Relationship

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Although Marilyn had tried her best to explain, how could Silan believe that she really fell down by accident?

However, Marilyn didn't seem to want to be entangled with this matter for too long. Silan understood that Marilyn didn't want her to worry about her, so she sighed and didn't ask her what had happened between her and Ethan any more. She took Marilyn's hand and let her sit on the bed, stroking her soft hair. With a gentle smile, she said, "Marilyn, since you don't want to talk about it, I won't ask. But you have to promise me that don't do such dangerous things again and don't get yourself hurt. "

Silan really had a bad impression of Ethan. She thought that at least he wouldn't hurt her, but she didn't expect that Marilyn was hurt when she came back from him.

If it was said that the injury on her body had nothing to do with Ethan, Silan would never believe it.

Being exhorted by her teacher in such a gentle and caring tone, Marilyn felt warm in her heart. How could she refuse her teacher? She nodded hard and smiled brightly. "Well, Miss, don't worry. I will take good care of myself in the future."

Although Silan didn't ask any more questions, Marilyn still noticed Silan's worries. Marilyn was afraid that she would be suffocated in her heart, so she sighed and briefly told Silan what had happened in the villa of Ethan.

The reason why she got hurt was that she was pushed to the ground by Selena. At that time, she suddenly rushed out to attack her. Both she and Ethan were stunned and didn't notice when Selena was standing there.

Therefore, Marilyn didn't vent her anger on Ethan. She wanted to divorce him, just because he didn't love her anymore. He indeed treated Selena better than her, because Selena had made trouble for her several times, but he just said something sarcastic and wouldn't beat her.

The reason why Marilyn was disappointed at Ethan was not because of this, but because his attitude towards her had been getting worse and worse since he came back. She had been disappointed in him bit by bit until now.

After listening to what Marilyn had told her, Silan was even more disgusted with that woman, but she couldn't rush to the villa of Ethan and beat that woman up now.

She could only put down her anger and thought that since Selena also wanted to work in the flower arrangement industry, she would have a chance to avenge her disciples in the future.

After talking with Silan for a while, Marilyn received a call from Juan.

At noon, after sending Silan to the hotel, he left. He had been worried about Marilyn's safety all day long, and had been waiting for her on his phone all day long. Now that he thought that Marilyn should have arrived at the hotel, he couldn't wait to call her.

"Marilyn, have you returned to the hotel?" Standing in front of the window and looking at the scenery outside,

n, but she believed that they would meet again soon. Teacher had her own things to do. Even if they were separated, their relationship would last forever.

After returning to her residence, Marilyn played with her two children at home. Soon the doorbell rang. She handed the babies to the nanny, and she stood up to open the door. When she opened the door, she saw the smiling eyes of Juan. She was stunned and surprised. "Why are you here? Come in and have a seat. "

After getting along with each other for a period of time, sometimes when Juan sent Marilyn home, he would come up to have a chat with her. The two of them would have a chat, and Marilyn would ask him to have dinner. After dinner, Juan left.

Therefore, when he came to Marilyn's house, Marilyn was a little surprised, but she was familiar with it. She handed him a pair of slippers and said with a smile, "Dumpling and Bun are awake this time. Don't you want to see them? Let them know you this handsome uncle this time. "

It was at night every time Juan came. At that time, both brother and sister fell asleep. Although he wanted to see them, he was afraid of disturbing them, so he didn't see them. This time, he came at the right time. Dumpling and Bun just woke up.

"Really? That's great. I've brought them a small gift, and I can give it to them myself. " With a smile at the corners of Juan's mouth, he lowered his head and changed into slippers.

He wanted to see the two children because they were the children of Marilyn. He believed that the two children must be cute little angels, just like their mother.

Marilyn led him to the living room. At a glance, Juan saw the babies in the arms of two nannies. Dumping and Bun had grown up. They were as cute as little angels.

"She's so cute. Is she Bun?" With bright eyes, he stared at the little Bun in the nanny's arms. She looked like Marilyn, and he could tell at a glance.

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