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   Chapter 298 Take Away By Force

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Juan apologized to the audience to calm them down. Then he couldn't wait to go backstage and go to the lounge. He was going to find Silan and Marilyn to personally express his apology to the two of them.

However, the crying Selena was forced to quit the competition by the staff. No matter how unwilling she was, the result was doomed and could no longer be redeemed.

She had no choice but to leave the venue dejectedly. She hated Marilyn to the core and was thinking about how to ask Ethan to revenge for her.

When Juan arrived at the lounge, several members of the competition committee were apologizing to Silan and Marilyn. Because of their negligence this time, they were scolded by the superior of the senior management, and the leader of the judge group who spoke very harshly was directly fired. At this time, he had also experienced the process of being expelled from the judge group.

Because today's competition was still going on, the judges were all left. However, their moral quality was well known by the public. They were directly blacklisted by the international competition. They believed that no matter what kind of competition would happen in the future, they would not be invited again. After all, their reputation had been ruined.

Maybe they would regret doing such a thing, but whether they would regret it or not, it was too late. There was no such thing as regret medicine in the world.

All the grievances Marilyn had suffered here were vented by the two people, Silan and Juan. Her negative mood accumulated in her heart these days finally eased a lot.

"Miss Silan and miss Marilyn, I'm really sorry. It's all our fault. I hope you can forgive us."

The judges sincerely apologized to Silan and Marilyn. No matter what they thought, they sincerely apologized.

Both Silan and Marilyn were not unreasonable people. Since the two of them had already expressed their dissatisfaction, the matter had passed.

Silan put on a smile for the first time today and said in a slow tone, "It doesn't matter. Now that the matter has been solved, the two of us should thank you for helping us solve this matter. How can we talk about forgiving or not?"

"Yes, thank you for helping us solve this problem." Marilyn echoed with a smile.

When Juan pushed the door open and came in, he heard the two's words. Seeing that the two were smiling, he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Marilyn and Silan's words eased the atmosphere in the room, and left a good impression on the members of the organizing committee. Compared with their boss who scolded them severely, this victim was just an angel.

"Mary, Miss Silan."

While they were talking, Silan and Marilyn heard someone calling them. They turned around subconsciously and saw that Juan had already come to the lounge.


Marilyn was a little surprised to see him. Although they had watched

hem directly to the most famous seafood restaurant here. Before coming, he had already ordered a private room, and the three of them went directly to the private room on the two floor.

The dishes were served by the waiter. The three of them chatted while eating. The atmosphere was very relaxed. After eating delicious food, Marilyn felt relaxed and her depression finally dissipated.

Unfortunately, the good scene didn't last long. When she was just a little happier, several unexpected guests came to the private room, which broke the rare good mood of Marilyn.

The door of the private room was pushed open, and several men in black came in. They looked tall and powerful, and they came aggressively. Marilyn had seen the man who was in the lead. He was a subordinate of Ethan and had been sent by him to protect her before.

Marilyn's face darkened at the sight of him. She asked coldly, "What are you doing? Did Ethan ask you to come here? "

Before they could say anything, Marilyn had already known why they came here. It must be because of the fact that Selena was expelled from the competition today. These people came with bad intentions. They must be sent by Ethan to save face for Selena!

Sure enough, the leader said expressionlessly, "Our boss wants to have a private talk with Miss Marilyn. Please come with us."

Hearing what they said, both Silan and Juan darkened their faces, especially the man who was always gentle. He stood up expressionlessly in front of Marilyn and said coldly, "Are you going to take her away by force? I won't let you take her away. "

Although he said so, they obviously thought of this situation, so they brought so many people here.

Since Juan didn't bring anyone with him, it would be a loss to fight against them head on. Marilyn took a deep breath, stood up and patted him on the shoulder. She smiled at him and said to the man expressionlessly, "I'll go with you."

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