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   Chapter 297 Back Door

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Silan relentlessly attacked the deception and dark box operation of the international competition. Even in front of the people from the organizing committee, she still didn't show any respect.

People who knew Silan well knew that her biggest characteristic was to protect her family, friends and her disciples. If a disciple was bullied by someone, the one had to have the courage to bear her anger. Marilyn didn't deliberately spread the relationship between Silan and her. Only a few people who had a good relationship with Silan knew that Marilyn was her disciple, and the good reputation in the industry was all from her own hard work. She didn't rely on her teacher's background at all.

Even Marilyn, who had the support of Silan, didn't show it in any competition, nor did she specially ask others to give her privileges. She hated the hidden rules most. On the contrary, she felt that only the hall she broke out was her real glory. As for Selena, she was just a flower arrangement fresh man, she shamelessly asked Ethan to open the back door for her.

Although Selena didn't specially mention to Ethan about letting him open the back door, she had seen other people's works in the competition for so long. She didn't know what level she was at and whether she should be promoted or not?

Needless to say, it must be Ethan who helped her. She was not a fool, on the contrary, she was very scheming. Seeing that others were angry with her but dared not to say anything, she was very happy. Since she went to the Lan family with Ethan, she was now the object of many people's flattery. All of the noble ladies were nice to her when they saw her.

Although she didn't say anything, she was still very proud in her heart. She fell in love with Ethan more and more, which was partly because of this.

As the old saying goes, "It is easy for a person to live in a frugal way to an extravagant way, and it is hard to live from extravagant style to difficult one." Now, if Ethan let Selena go back to her hometown to live in the fishing village, she would definitely not get used to it!

In fact, although she had her own thoughts at the beginning, she was not so bad as to be heartless. Since she had experienced the upper class life with Ethan, she couldn't help but feel a little arrogant. She didn't know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing for her.

She was not like Marilyn, because Marilyn always remembered that she should only rely on herself instead of relying on others. After Marilyn left Ethan, she was still the eldest daughter of the Shu family and the president of the Shu Group. Her life had no impact at all. Even if she took off these halos, she still had the skill of flower arrangement and other skills cultivated from childhood to adulthood. She had a variety of arts to support. In addition, she had a good grades at school and graduated from a prestigious university. Therefore, even if the Shu family went bankrupt now, she could still live a good life.

Gold would shine wherever it was, and even a pheasant would

to know Marilyn. His only request was to invite Marilyn to be a judge. But before he arrived at the competition, he heard that Marilyn had left the judge group. Of course, those people didn't dare to tell him that they had deliberately dismissed her. He just thought that Marilyn had left by herself. That's why he came to A Country. He specially asked someone to find Suzan and introduce himself to Marilyn.

When Marilyn took part in the international competition last time, he fell in love with her at the first sight, but he had never had the chance to know her. Moreover, Marilyn had been married at that time, so he could only bury his feelings deep in his heart. Recently, when he heard what had happened between Ethan and Marilyn, he felt that he had a chance. But he didn't expected that such a thing happened.

The audience didn't know what was on his mind, but when they saw the handsome man apologizing in person, their anger was immediately extinguished. After all, this was an era of judging by beautiful faces.

Standing in the middle of the competition field and being stared at by so many people with disgust, Selena understood why she was disqualified when she heard the name of Marilyn.

Lowering her head, she covered the malicious look in her eyes and clenched her fists tightly. Now that things had come to this point, no matter what she said was useless!

Dream! Marilyn! This haunting bitch! Sooner or later, she would trample on Marilyn!

She hated Marilyn so much that she blamed all the faults on Marilyn. If she hadn't gone through the back door, how could she have ended up like this?

This matter ended in this way, but Selena, the Organizing Committee and the other judges were all cursed miserably! Especially Selena, she had become a big joke!

Now everyone knew that Selena was lying. She just took part in a competition and cheat on the public. It was ok if she cheated herself, but it was also related to the reputation of the Lan family. After all, everyone knew who was behind her now.

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