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   Chapter 296 Neglect

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Marilyn and Silan had a good trip in Dragon City for two days. On the third day, they bought an air ticket early in the morning and boarded the plane, heading directly to the venue of the flower arrangement competition.

The two of them arrived at the place that night. After getting off the plane, both Marilyn and Silan were a little tired. After all, they didn't have a good rest on the plane.

"Miss, let's find a hotel to stay tonight." After getting off the plane, Marilyn suggested.

"Okay, it's up to you." Silan had no objection to Marilyn's proposal at all.

The two of them found a hotel and had a rest for a night. They checked the process of the competition online. The competition had been held to the final, and tomorrow was the day of the final. The two of them had just caught up, so it was not too late.

In the final, the competition was also changed from anonymous to live flower arrangement. The second day was just the day of the final. After getting up, Marilyn and Silan had a simple meal and went directly to the venue of the flower arrangement competition by taxi.

In the taxi.

Silan and Marilyn were still talking about the fact that Marilyn had been disqualified from being a judge.

"I didn't know the person who did that terrible work was Selena at the beginning. I didn't expect her to take part in the flower arrangement competition. But no matter who she is, as a judge, I won't let her promote when I see such a work. After all, I have to be responsible for other competitors." Marilyn said with a frown. She didn't want to bother her teacher with this matter. Her teacher was too old to be angry with those judges, but after hearing this, her teacher specially came back to see her. She couldn't refuse her kindness, could she?

Thinking of what the judges had said, Marilyn felt a little annoyed. She knew that they didn't dare to offend Ethan, but just because they didn't dare to offend him, many outstanding players were eliminated because of such a weak competitor. She felt sorry for those competitors, and at the same time, she felt indignant at such an unfair competition!

In the past, it was impossible for Ethan to do such a thing. Just because of Selena, he had lowered his bottom line many times. Now, Marilyn didn't dare to say that she knew him.

She really felt that Ethan was very strange! Sometimes, she even doubted if Ethan had been possessed by someone, or he was cursed!

Seeing that Marilyn didn't look well, Silan patted her hand to comfort her. Although she was old, she looked energetic with burning eyes. Hearing Marilyn's words, she had a better understanding of the situation, and even disdained the manager of the judge team.

The old lady's eyes were a little cold, and she said rudely, "It's not rare to see such things in the industry, but I didn't expect that they even dare to cheat in the international competition. Do they really think the masses are idiots? Marilyn, you did a good job. Flower arrangement is art. What they did is a blasphemy against art. Even if they are judges now, so what? They will never be a big deal. "

Those who had a high rep

ngement master Silan?"

"What's your relationship with Miss Marilyn?"

"What happened between you and the staff?"

"Excuse me..."

The reporters' cameras mercilessly hit the faces of the three people. A group of reporters scrambled to ask one question after another, as if they would die if they were a step late.

The group leader of the judges was confused. Why did these reporters come? What should he do now!

The noise here was loud and soon alarmed the senior executives of the international competition. The people of the organizing committee were all flattered when they heard that Silan was here in person. Who was Silan? She was a well-known flower arrangement master and a real old artist in the industry. Everyone in the industry would respect her.

When these people heard that Silan had come, they couldn't wait any longer. They immediately asked someone to invite Silan to the lounge.

Surrounded by reporters, Marilyn and Silan were not in the mood to deal with the reporters when someone came to save them and took the two of them to the lounge at the backstage.

The members of the Organizing Committee all showed great respect to Silan and greeted her politely, "Hello, I'm sorry that I didn't know you were here today. I'm so sorry."

At this moment, Silan was in a fit of anger. After being neglected by the so-called group leader, she was surrounded by reporters. Hearing their polite greetings, she did not buy it at all. She sneered and said rudely, "I don't dare to put on airs! My precious disciple is also famous and powerful in the industry! Isn't she qualified to be a judge here? Just because a competitor with a strong background was eliminated, my disciple was kicked out of the judge team directly! This is an international competition! Do you really think the audience are idiots? "

Generally, this would not happen in an international competition, because since the word "international" were involved, it meant that this must be a fair competition, because if it was not organized well, even the international relationship might be affected!

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