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   Chapter 293 Company Crisis

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After the auction, the onlookers left one after another. Only Marilyn sat in her seat with a gloomy face. Her assistant stood behind her. Her assistant understood Marilyn's anger very well and didn't dare to speak behind her.

All the people in the meeting room left one after another. At this time, Ethan walked slowly to Marilyn and looked down at her with a faint mockery in his eyes. He said in a low voice, "Marilyn, you should have a clear estimation of yourself. I think the identity of the eldest daughter of the Shu family is more suitable for you than the president of the Shu Group."

His voice was not loud but everyone could hear him clearly in the quiet hall. But for Marilyn, this was the biggest insult to her.

Marilyn raised her head all of a sudden, her eyes bloodshot with anger. She stared at Ethan's eyes and said through gritted teeth, "Ethan! I don't need you to teach me how to behave! "

"Ha ha." Ethan didn't know why, but when he saw Marilyn's alienated and polite attitude towards him, he couldn't help but want to unmask her. At the beginning, he just wanted to get rid of Marilyn. They wouldn't know each other in the future, but he just couldn't control himself.

"Miss Marilyn, see you in the business world." Said Ethan in a low voice. After taking a look at Marilyn, he turned around and left without hesitation, as a winner.

Marilyn was left alone, staring at his back. The pain in her heart seemed to drown her. She no longer hoped that Ethan could remember her. She couldn't provoke him, so she hid far away. But she really didn't expect that he would be so cruel to her.

At first, he kicked her out of the judge team in the competition, and then when she was determined to get the land, he directly hit her and took the contract from her hand.

Why did he do that this time?

Was it because she eliminated Selena's work? Wasn't it enough to kick her out of the jury? This time, he even had to interfere with her company's affairs. Was he trying to revenge on her for Selena?

Marilyn clenched her fists bit by bit, and her fingernails were deeply stuck in the soft flesh of her hand. But she didn't feel any pain. She just lowered her head, and her face was so gloomy as if it could drip blood.

No matter how he mocked her in usual times, although Marilyn was sad, she could bear it by herself. After all, she really couldn't win against him. And now, for the sake of that woman, he wouldn't be soft on her. Marilyn had seen it clearly before.

That was why she had moved out of the Lan family. She had never provoked him, let alone tried to badger him. She had retreated and compromised step by step, but in return, she was bullied more and more by him.

What on earth did she do wrong?

It was Ethan who proposed to her in person. She agreed. As her husband, he was not

ult with her.

Hearing this man's words, other people were also incited by him and followed him.

"Yes, president. It's obvious that Ethan is against our company. Aren't you his wife? Why don't you ask for an explanation? "

"Yes, you said you would try your best to make up for the loss of the company. What's the specific plan?"

"Say something..."

The shareholders questioned Marilyn. It was not like a general shareholder's meeting, but a criticism meeting. Marilyn was the main character who was criticized by them.

So many people's eyes were focused on her, and her ears were full of criticism. Her brain was buzzing with gossip.

Marilyn couldn't help frowning. She apologized to these people kindly, but they treated her like this.

She admitted that it was her fault, but they were in a meeting. Now the most important thing was to find a way to solve the problem as soon as possible. Did everyone question her as the way to solve the crisis?

Marilyn's face darkened. In order to stop them, she pounded the table hard.

"Bang -"

A loud voice interrupted them, and everyone stopped talking. They looked at Marilyn, waiting for her to speak.

Seeing that, Marilyn finally calmed down. She breathed a sigh of relief. She glanced around the shareholders and said with a frown, "Isn't the most important thing now to find a solution to the problem? What's the use of doing these meaningless things now? Can it solve the company's crisis quickly? "

Seeing that no one spoke, some people were indignant as if they wanted to say that it was her fault. Shouldn't she solve it?

Marilyn sighed and rubbed her eyebrows wearily. She said seriously, "I will solve this crisis as soon as possible. I'm sorry for my wrong decision, but I hope you can work together with me to solve the company's crisis, instead of holding a criticism meeting in the meeting room."

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