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   Chapter 292 Bidding

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"Miss Marilyn, you have been disqualified from being a judge. From now on, you don't have to be here." The person who said this was the leader of the judge team of the competition. As a member of the judge team, Marilyn had seen him and was very familiar with his voice.

Hearing what he said in such a merciless tone, Marilyn was stunned. It was not that she was unwilling to be disqualified, but that she really felt confused. Just because that competitor had a background, should she be kicked out like this?

The contestant's work was really horrible. Even if the leader of the judge group wanted to kick her out of the judge group, Marilyn still insisted on her own idea. If such a work could win the championship, then the so-called champion of the flower arrangement competition would be too cheap.

Marilyn didn't get angry. On the contrary, she was calm at this time and accepted the unfair treatment from the judge team. But she was still curious about the background of this contestant and why the judges of the national event would protect her like this.

Thinking of this, Marilyn frowned. She looked down at the contestant's work on the computer. She sneered and asked, "I see. So who is that contestant? What background does she have and let you be so afraid? And kick me out of the judge team? "

Marilyn was sure that it must be the person behind the contestant who kicked her out of the judge team. She was curious about who was so capable and shameless.

Hearing Marilyn's question, the leader of the judge group was silent for a while and sighed, "You didn't come here a few days ago. You don't know who the contestant is, do you?"

"Oh? Who is she? " Marilyn raised her eyebrows.

"She is Selena. You should be very familiar with this name." The group leader of the judge group said in a low voice. The affair among Marilyn, Ethan and Selena was almost known to all. Some people in this circle knew about it. He didn't want to say it, because he was afraid that Marilyn couldn't stand it. But since she wanted to know so much, it was not a secret. He couldn't hide it from her, and she would know it sooner or later. It was the matter of time.

To be honest, he didn't like the woman who required black case work, but he had no choice. Life couldn't always be smooth. They also had a lot of helplessness. They couldn't afford to offend Ethan, so they had to go against their conscience to promote the woman who had no strength at all.

In fact, the reason why the competition was changed to be anonymous was to make Selena feel better. Otherwise, they couldn't do it secretly. The masses were not blind. If they let Selena arrange flowers on the spot, they would definitely rejected her to be promoted.

They did it for the sake of Ethan, but the audience wouldn't care about Ethan. Even now, many of the audience were dissatisfied. After all, no one was a fool. How could they n

her at last.

This made Marilyn even angrier. But she couldn't lose her mind in public and lose her temper on him.

Marilyn took a deep breath to calm herself down. She looked at Ethan coldly and said, "The bidding is about to start. Mr. Ethan, excuse me."

After saying that, Marilyn turned around and sat down, ignoring the expression on his face.

"Well, I declare that the bidding begins!"

"Three hundred million!"

"One billion!"

"One billion and five hundred million!"

"Two billion!"


Only Marilyn and Ethan were bidding. The others didn't even have a chance to cut in. They could only watch Marilyn aggressively bidding with Ethan, while Ethan had always been calm and relaxed, as if he didn't take Marilyn seriously at all.

Every time Marilyn made a bid, Ethan would lower her price with a higher price. She was so angry that she clenched her fists, but there was nothing she could do.

Although the performance of the Shu Group had improved a lot after she took over it and it had been developing in a favorable direction, how could the capital of their company be compared with that of Ethan's company?

The reason why Ethan was so calm was not because he was rich, but he had predicted that Marilyn would lack money. Since the auction began, he knew that he was sure to win!

As expected, the contract with the land was successfully signed by Ethan's company. Even if Marilyn was unwilling, it was useless. She was not a child anymore. She couldn't joke with her own company. If she acted on impulse, it would only lead to the destruction of her company. Therefore, she could only watch the contract that she was determined to get signed by Ethan.

The winner was the king. Business was like a battlefield. Without enough money, she could do nothing.

She couldn't even say that Ethan was wrong. He was protecting the interests of his company. After all, their relationship was nothing now.

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