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   Chapter 291 Black Case Work

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He said she didn't behave herself?

Marilyn was not a fool. She was just too surprised just now. With a casual thought, she knew that Ethan must have seen that that man had touched her.

So he just watched it? He just watched Marilyn be molested and insulted.

Well, he did nothing but watch her being insulted. She didn't expect that Ethan would come to help, but she didn't expect him to be so determined.

After being humiliated by a strange man, Marilyn finally got rid of the drunkard who spoke without thinking, and then she had to listen to the superior sarcastic words of Ethan.

He said she didn't behave herself? Hahaha, Marilyn really wanted to laugh that he came to her just to mock her. Let her see how ruthless he was.

It was ridiculous. Every time she thought that Ethan was ruthless enough, he would come out and slap her, and let her see what true ruthlessness was.

It took a long time for Marilyn to suppress her pain and sadness. She left the bathroom and said goodbye to the host of the banquet. She went straight home without looking at Ethan again.

Sitting in the car, Marilyn leaned her head against the window and stared blankly at the city which was still dim in the middle of the night. However, she felt lonely in her heart.

After returning home, Marilyn went straight to the baby room.

Marilyn had specially customized a baby cot for the two children. Since she moved out of the Lan family, she had been sleeping with the children every night and taking care of the two children by herself. In the daytime, she was too busy to take care of the children, so she had to leave the children to the nanny.

The two kids were sleeping soundly with a smile on their faces. They didn't know how sad their mother was.

The babies had grown up. The elder brother was more like Ethan, and they had the same eyebrows and eyes. He was well taken care of by Marilyn, and was very cute. The younger sister was completely inherited from Marilyn's appearance. It could be seen that she had a good temper at such a young age. She seldom cried and was very quiet. When she grew up, she must be a little lady.

Sitting on the edge of the crib, Marilyn stared blankly at the two cute children, and tears fell unconsciously. Today, the attitude of Ethan still hurt Marilyn's heart. Although she tried her best to forget what he said, and even forget the man, she still loved him so much. How could she forget him so easily?

Looking at the two cute babies, Marilyn inevitably thought of their father. Thinking of the cold eyes and cruel words of Ethan, she couldn't help feeling aggrieved and sad.

Fearing that she would wake up the children, Marilyn didn't dare to cry out loud. She just gritted her teeth and kept crying. She looked helpless and pitiful.

However, the man who would gently wipe away her tears had dis

why did they try their best to prevent her from eliminating this competitor?

Every industry has its own hidden rules. Powerful people always have one more way to go than others, and they can live wherever they want. Marilyn is not a fool. As long as she thought about it simply, she could understand that there must be someone behind this terrible work.

But for Marilyn, she would never do such a thing against her conscience. Marilyn refused directly and said with a frown, "This is a competition, not a game of children playing house. Strength is the only factor in the competition. You don't have to persuade me. No matter what, I will stick to my own opinion."

Seeing that she was so stubborn, the other judges' faces darkened. Marilyn's lofty manner made them even more vulgar.

"Well, since you think so, we won't persuade you. I hope you won't regret it in the future." A short tempered judge snorted and said impolitely. Then he pounded the table, stood up and left.

The other judges also sighed. They couldn't persuade Marilyn to change her mind, so they stopped persuading her. They just sighed in their hearts that these young people were really brave.

If they suffered losses in the future, they would know their difficulties.

They were not all bad people, but for the sake of life, they had to compromise a lot of things. In this society, there were many things that had no choice. Who could guarantee that they could always stick to their original intention?

Marilyn frowned and didn't take their attitude seriously. She was invited to be a judge. As a judge, the most important thing for her was to treat each contestant fairly.

No matter what background the contestant had, she would not change her mind.

Thinking of this, on the second day, Marilyn received a call from the leader of the judge team. They meant to directly kick Marilyn out of the judge team.

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