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   Chapter 290 Irony

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Miya knew that she was no match for Marilyn now, but so what? With her grandmother protecting her, she had nothing to fear. As long as she saw that Marilyn was unhappy, she would be happy.

The news of Marilyn and Ethan had been spread in the upper class. Everyone knew that Ethan had come back from the base with a holy maiden. Before Marilyn and Ethan held their wedding ceremony, they were trampled on by a mistress. Marilyn was laughed at by many people behind her, but they were not like Miya who dared to say such words to Marilyn. After all, Marilyn was not only the daughter-in-law of the Lan family, but also the daughter of the Shu family and the president of the Shu Group.

Being mocked by Miya, Marilyn didn't change her face at all. She calmly looked at Miya's complacent face, and her tone was extremely calm. However, what she said made Miya stamp with anger.

"Miya, I've forgotten that you don't belong to the Shu family anymore. You've been removed from the family. What should I call you now?" Confused, Marilyn looked at her angry face.

With a mocking smile, she said coldly, "You can only follow your mother's surname now. Miya, Joey is my biological brother. Who the hell are you? You have nothing to do with the Shu family. I can help you get out of adversity, and I can also let you continue to fall. Watch your mouth, little ghost. "

Marilyn didn't take Miya's provocation seriously at all. It was none of Miya's business.

"You -" Miya was so angry. She stared at Marilyn and clenched her fists, but could not refute Marilyn's words.

Indeed, she had nothing to do with the Shu family. She had been the second daughter of the Shu family for so many years, but now she was exposed to such a situation by the person she hated most. She was going to be pissed off by Marilyn.

Seeing that Miya was rendered speechless by her words, Marilyn felt bored and sneered. Ignoring her anger, Marilyn left the hospital without looking back.

After leaving the hospital, it was getting dark. As the president of the Shu Group, she was invited to a dinner party this afternoon. It was said that the dinner party was actually a commercial one. The people who attended it were all interested in business.

Of course, Marilyn wouldn't refuse such kind of party. The party would start at ten o'clock in the evening, and it was already six o'clock in the afternoon. She still needed to go home to change into an evening dress, do a hairstyle, and put on makeup.

Thinking of this, Marilyn drove back to her residence without hesitation.

When everything was ready, it was already past nine o'clock. Marilyn said goodbye to the children. Although they were still young and didn't have much strength, Marilyn would still say goodbye to them every day.


that old fishing village at all. She felt that she should have lived such a life since she was born, so she was more gentle and considerate to Ethan, fearing that he would abandon her.

Ethan nodded and turned to the direction of Marilyn. But when he arrived, Marilyn was no longer there. His face was a little gloomy.

Marilyn had already got rid of the man. She ran to the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth. The man had just touched her, which made Marilyn sick. She washed her hands over and over again, and didn't stop washing until her hands were red.

With her hands on the wash basin, Marilyn stared at herself in the mirror and couldn't help laughing at herself. Now she no longer had the protection of Ethan, and she could only protect Selena by her side. Just now, she was still hoping that he would come to save her.

Well, what was she still hoping for?

Marilyn took a deep breath to calm herself down. She smiled at herself in the mirror and turned around to walk out of the bathroom. Just as she pushed the door open, she saw an unexpected person.

Ethan? Why was he here?

After being surprised, Marilyn suppressed the pain in her heart and smiled politely. "Hello, Mr. Ethan."

Now, in front of her, Ethan only had the identity of president of Lan Group. She should greet him.

Somehow, being treated with such a polite and alienated attitude by Marilyn, Ethan's heart was instantly stung. He looked deeply at Marilyn who was smiling politely at him. After a while, he suddenly sneered, "As a woman, you really don't behave yourself."

After mocking Marilyn, he turned around and left without mercy.

He didn't even know why he was so angry all of a sudden. The polite and alienated smile of Marilyn inexplicably hurt his eyes.

Don't... Behave herself?

Left alone, Marilyn was stunned by his sarcasm.

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