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   Chapter 289 Plead

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After visiting the children, Levy stayed at Marilyn's house until the evening. She had persuaded Marilyn for a long time. Her topic was to let Marilyn take the two children back to the Lan family. However, no matter how much she said, Marilyn was not affected at all. Seeing that Marilyn was so determined, Levy was angry but had no place to vent her anger. When the evening came, she left Marilyn's residence reluctantly.

Levy couldn't do anything to Marilyn. After all, it was her son who first betrayed Marilyn. Now Selena was still living in the Lan family. In order not to irritate Ethan, she didn't dare to ask Selena to leave. She could only watch her son and daughter-in-law live in two separate places. Now her daughter-in-law had taken away her grandchildren, and they were about to divorce!

After Marilyn said the word of divorce, Ethan was hurt in his heart for a moment. When Selena persuaded him to divorce Marilyn, he had wanted to find Marilyn to divorce, but his father refused. His mother also persuaded him. Ethan didn't know what he was thinking, as if nothing had happened that night, and he never mentioned divorce again.

After seeing Levy off, Marilyn watched her get in the car and leave. She finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Marilyn was playing with the two children in the living room. Thinking of what Levy said, Marilyn was lost in thought.

"Marilyn, I know how much Ethan loves you. I think you also know that at the beginning, I did not agree with your marriage, but he told me and his father that he would only marry you in his life. His attitude is too firm, and I really have no choice but to agree. Marilyn, Ethan loves you so much, and he has done many things for you. Now he just lost his memory. He was sick, so he treated you like this. How can you give him up so easily? "

The accusation of Levy before she left echoed in her ears for a long time. Her words inevitably reminded Marilyn of many memories about Ethan.

She thought for a long time, but finally she couldn't help laughing at herself. What was the use of thinking about it now?

Ethan didn't love her anymore. She knew better than anyone that the man who loved her deeply had disappeared from the world since he lost his memory.

Marilyn just felt sad for a while. Soon she came to her senses and forced herself to cheer up. Looking at her two children, Marilyn was finally in a good mood.

In the next few days, Marilyn still went to work as usual. After work, she went back home to accompany her children. Although she was a little busy, she lived a full life. At least, she had no time to think of Ethan and then fell into sadness.

It was a good thing for Marilyn.

One day, when Marilyn just came out of the company and was about to go home, she received a call from the old housekeeper of the Shu family.

removed from the list of the Shu family, he had been in trouble everywhere. His previous friends all laughed at him when he was down. This period of experience had almost smoothed his edges.

Hearing that Marilyn agreed to let him go back to the company without hesitation, a mixed feeling surged in his heart.

To be honest, if he was the president of the Shu Group, and Marilyn ended up like him, he would never give her a way out. He would even add insult to injury and mock her for overestimating herself.

Fearing that Suzan would be worried, Marilyn called her people in front of her. "Tomorrow, Miya and Joey will go to the company to report. Arrange two jobs for them."

On the other end of the phone, Wayne, a confidant of Marilyn, immediately understood what Marilyn meant when he heard her words. He nodded and said, "Okay, I will inform the human resources department."

This arrangement was naturally to arrange two jobs for them casually in the company, so that they would not have any contact with the company's senior executives.

After hanging up the phone, Suzan was finally happy. She looked at Marilyn, Miya and Joey, and said with a smile, "Good children. You are all good children. You should get along well with each other in the future."

Marilyn accompanied Suzan in the hospital till evening. Seeing that Suzan had rested, Marilyn stood up and left.

When she walked to the corridor of the hospital, she was stopped by Miya. Sitting on the chair outside the ward, Miya looked at her with mockery and gloated, "Sister, you just got married, and my brother-in-law directly took a mistress to live in the Lan family. It seems that your charm is just so-so."

Miya was different from Joey. She hated Marilyn to the core. She felt that she had come to this point because of Marilyn. Now that Suzan was protecting her, she dared to make trouble for her.

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