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   Chapter 288 Things Change

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Adam's house was located in the suburb. Although it was in the suburb, there was a busy street not far away and it was convenient to buy anything.

Adam also hired two servants to take care of Marilyn's children and do housework.

The three of them were settled down in one night. Marilyn was very grateful to him, so she asked him to have dinner at home. The children had already fallen asleep, without knowing that they had changed their environment.

After dinner, Adam left without staying any longer. He didn't ask or persuade Marilyn to make up with Ethan. He thought that it was all Ethan's own fault, he just hoped that Ethan would not regret when he regained his memory.

Adam didn't want to see Marilyn get hurt like this. He thought it was good for her to make up her mind to leave Lan family.

After moving out, Marilyn spent a few days in peace. Suddenly, she received an invitation as a judge of the new international flower arrangement competition.

Marilyn stared blankly at the invitation on the table, lost in thought. How time flies. She joined the last year's flower arrangement competition with Ethan. She still remembered that he had just proposed to her, and the two of them were still very sweet.

After the competition, Ethan received a call from the base, saying that he was asked to carry out a task and did not come back for a year. After he came back, he lost his memory. Too many changes had happened in this year. First, she gave birth to her babies, Then Ethan disappeared and came back with his lost memory. Everything had changed.

The flower arrangement competition was held every year, and the man who accompanied her last year had already been with another woman.

Thinking of this, Marilyn smiled bitterly. However, flower arrangement was her favorite art. She had learned it from her teacher for so many years, and she would not give up her favorite art just because of Ethan.

After thinking for a while, Marilyn finally agreed to be the judge of the flower arrangement competition.

On the other side, Selena also heard that the flower arrangement competition was going to be held. She heard that last year, Marilyn was accompanied by Ethan to participate in the competition. Moreover, Marilyn had won the championship of the flower arrangement competition and gained the limelight in the competition.

Selena wanted to compete with her. She listened to others talking about how excellent Marilyn was, but she was worthless compared with Marilyn. She felt uncomfortable and couldn't wait to decide that she would also participate. She wanted to prove that she was not worse than Marilyn.

Thinking of this, she said to Ethan, held his arm and acted like a spoiled child, "Ethan, I want to take part in the flower arrangement competition. Can you go with me?"

Looking at the advertising map of the flower arrangement competition, Ethan was in a trance. He had a very familiar feeling, as if he had seen such an event once, but this feeling only lasted f

eyes were a little cold, but she was very polite to Levy and refused firmly. "I can't be with Ethan anymore. I won't go back. Auntie, I will take good care of the children. As a mother, you should understand that I can't lose my children. If you miss them, you can come to see them, but I won't agree you to take the children back to the Lan family. "

Hearing what Marilyn said, Levy felt a little embarrassed. She wanted to get angry, but she felt guilty. At last, she could only compromise and sigh, "Alas, I want to see my dear grandchildren. I miss them."

Seeing that Levy compromised, Marilyn was not a ruthless person. Levy really loved her grandchildren, and she would not refuse her children to be close to the old lady. After all, she was the children's biological grandmother.

Marilyn nodded, "Okay, the children should be sleeping now. Let's go in and have a talk."

Levy and Marilyn entered the house together. The children were coaxed to sleep by the servants. Marilyn took Levy to the baby room to see the children.

On the other side, since Ethan lost his memory, he had been familiar with the past since he came back to the Lan family. He didn't remember many things, but he was still the president of the company.

Because of the loss of his memory, the stock of the company fell a lot these days. He took over the company again and went to the company to get familiar with the work.

Although he had lost his memory, it was not so easy to forget what he had learned. It was his instinct to deal with the business in the company.

After coming back, Ethan was still vigorous and resolute in the company. Every decision he made was beneficial to the company's development.

It is said that Ethan was out of his mind, so many companies were waiting to laugh at him, but now they had to admit defeat. People were born different from people. Some people were born superior to others, and no matter what happened, they could solve it quickly. Obviously, Ethan was such a person.

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