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   Chapter 286 Leaving

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"Grandma, don't worry. I'll handle it well. I'm the daughter of the Shu family. How can I be bullied?" Marilyn comforted Suzan with a smile, pressing the pain in her heart to the deepest.

Seeing that Suzan was still worried, Marilyn explained to her again and again. Finally, she calmed Suzan down and stayed for a meal. She didn't leave the Shu family until evening and went back to the Lan family.

When Marilyn returned to the Lan family, Louie and Levy were sitting in the living room. She was stunned and walked to the sofa opposite them. As if nothing had happened, she greeted them with a smile, "Uncle, aunt, I'm back. Why haven't you rested yet?"

"We are talking in the living room for a while. Good girl, have you had dinner?" Levy smiled awkwardly. Recently, her son made such a mess, which wronged Marilyn. She married into their family and gave birth to two children. Such a thing happened before she could enjoy her life. They felt very guilty to Marilyn.

Marilyn smiled and nodded obediently, "Yes."

Although she was disheartened with Ethan, his parents didn't betray her. On the contrary, they treated her well. Marilyn had always been a reasonable person and wouldn't vent her anger on others casually, so her attitude towards his parents was still the same.

After talking for a few words, the living room suddenly quieted down and the atmosphere was a little embarrassing.

It was Louie who broke the awkward atmosphere. He sighed with his voice full of unconcealed tiredness. He sincerely lowered his head and apologized to Marilyn, "Marilyn, it's our fault. We apologize to you on behalf of Ethan. I'm sorry, I hope you can forgive him."

He knew that his son would regret a lot after he regained his memory. He still remembered the scene that his son said he was married to Marilyn only. Alas, now he lost his memory and pushed Marilyn away. What a bad luck.

"Yes, it's our fault to make you suffer." Levy echoed.

She didn't like that woman Selena, either. When Ethan was going to marry Marilyn, she always thought that Marilyn's background didn't match the Lan family. Now, as a woman who came out of a small town and pestered her son so much, how could she like her?

Hearing the apology of his parents, Marilyn sighed helplessly and said, "Uncle, aunt, you don't have to do this. It's beyond everyone's expectation that Ethan has lost his memory. No one is to be blamed for this. It can only be said that fate makes people suffer."

Marilyn smiled bitterly. What she really needed was not the apology of his parents. After losing his memory, Ethan had already forgotten her. This was a fact that no one could change. Maybe he would never remember her in his whole life.

"Marilyn..." Levy kept silent for a while. She wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. What she wanted to say might hurt Marilyn and it was unfair to Marilyn. But when she thought of her son leaving home like


However, as soon as she walked to the baby room, she saw Levy holding two children in her arms from the baby room and talking to the servant.

"Take the babies to Ethan. As their father, he hasn't held them yet." Obviously, Levy was in a good mood. She couldn't hide the smile on her face.

Her son finally came back home. Although she felt a little sorry for Marilyn, her son was more important than Marilyn who had not been with her for a long time.

Marilyn couldn't help frowning. The first time she held children in her arms to Ethan, she still remembered his cold attitude. For him, the two babies she gave birth to were not his children at all.

Now, he didn't have any memory of the past. He didn't love Marilyn anymore, so he didn't have any feelings for the two children that she had given birth to for him. He hadn't even hugged them once since the children were born.

Thinking of this, Marilyn was a little worried, so she followed Levy downstairs.

In the living room downstairs, Selena and Ethan sat on the sofa waiting for Levy.

When Selena saw Levy going downstairs with the babies in her arms, she was excited. She took the little daughter from Levy and said excitedly, "Wow, what a lovely baby. Let me hug you."

Levy frowned and was a little worried about her, but she couldn't stop her because of Ethan.

She handed the boy to Ethan and said with a smile, "Come on, as a father, you haven't held the children well. This is the boy. You can hug him."

Ethan took the boy in his arms and listened to his mother whispering in his ear. How much the baby resembled him when he was a child! A very wonderful feeling arose in his heart, and his heart softened for a moment.

When the three of them were talking and laughing, something suddenly happened to Selena. When she sat down with the child in her arms, she staggered and was about to throw the child to the ground.

Selena was so scared that she shouted, "Ah --"

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