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   Chapter 285 Dream

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After telling him about Marilyn's illness, Adam keenly sensed a flicker of hesitation in Ethan's eyes.

After saying that and seeing that Ethan was silent, Adam sighed and stood up. He looked at him deeply and said, "Ethan, take care of yourself."

How much Ethan hurt Marilyn now, how regretful he would be after he regained his memory. Maybe he didn't know now how much he loved Marilyn, but most of the people who knew him and her knew it.

After saying that, Adam picked up his coat hanging on the chair, turned around and left the private room.

Watching Adam's receding figure, he was a little stunned. He seemed to remember something just now. He looked at his hand blankly and felt a little pain in his heart, but he didn't know why he was so sad all of a sudden. Only for a moment, he remembered something and disappeared in an instant.

After Adam left, Ethan stayed in the private room for a long time. After a long silence, he finally stood up and left. He decided to go to the hospital to see Marilyn.

It was over ten o'clock in the evening.

When Ethan arrived at the hospital alone, he went straight to Marilyn's ward. There was no light on in the ward, and only her soothing breath was left.

Marilyn woke up in the afternoon. After she woke up, she sent away the people who came to visit her. The children were still at home. Although the high fever had been gone, Marilyn was worried that Levy was not at home to look after them, so she asked Levy to go back. It was not a big deal that she just had a fever and didn't need anyone to take care of her.

After Levy left, her fever hadn't been brought down, and her head was dizzy. After a while, she lay down to sleep again.

So when Ethan arrived, Marilyn was still sleeping. She was the only one in the ward, lying quietly on the bed. Her face was flushed because of the fever, and her lips were a little dry.

Standing by the bedside of Marilyn, he looked down at her. Even when she was asleep, she frowned tightly. She didn't sleep well, and there was no fluctuation in his heart.

In the afternoon, when Adam said those words to him, he seemed to remember something all of a sudden. Although it just disappeared in an instant, he could clearly feel the pain in his heart at that moment.

The reason why he came to the hospital to see Marilyn was to confirm whether his feeling at that time was because of this strange wife or just his illusion.

Now it seemed that it was just an illusion. Even when he saw the sad look on Marilyn's face, he still didn't feel anything.

With a sigh, he took a look at Marilyn and was about to leave.

But when he turned around, his wrist was grabbed tightly.

Ethan paused and turned around. He didn't know when Marilyn had woken up.

She rubbed against his hand affectionately. She


"Grandma, I'm back." After greeting her grandma, Marilyn sat down on the sofa opposite Suzan.

As soon as she sat down, Suzan couldn't wait to ask, "What's wrong with that guy from the Lan family? Why did I hear that he came back with a woman? Marilyn, what are you going to do with it? "

Suzan didn't defend for Marilyn, but for her family. He had already married the eldest daughter of the Shu family, but she took another woman to live in her own house before the wedding. Wasn't it a slap in the face of the family?

Marilyn had already guessed what Suzan was going to say. Being asked by her, Marilyn suppressed the pain in her heart and sighed. She tried to pretend not to care and explained to Suzan, "Grandma, don't worry. He just lost his memory. The woman he brought back saved his life. It's natural for him to take care of her."

Marilyn didn't know how sad she was when she said that, but in order to make Suzan relieved, she had to explain to her in this way.

Frowning, Suzan obviously didn't believe Marilyn's words. She reminded her in a deep voice, "Although you haven't held a wedding with Ethan, you've already got the marriage certificate. Now you're the daughter-in-law of the Lan family. As his wife, how can a bitch from nowhere come in? Marilyn, you're married now. You can't be as naive as before when you marry into a family like the Lan family. "

In fact, in the upper class, it was not rare for a man to bring a mistress home as soon as he got married. What Suzan meant was obvious. She asked Marilyn to find a way to kick Selena out of the Lan family.

But how could Marilyn do such a thing? She would never attack unless she was attacked. No matter what choice Ethan made, she would not pester him even if they divorced.

She was the eldest daughter of the Shu family, not an accessory that could not live without a man.

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