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   Chapter 284 Disappointment

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At this time, Ethan, who was worried about Selena, walked into the coffee shop and saw this scene.

He couldn't hear the conversation between the two. He only saw that Marilyn was glaring at Selena, while Selena looked aggrieved. Immediately, Ethan misunderstood that it was Marilyn who bullied Selena.

With a frown, he walked to the side of Selena and stopped. He looked at Marilyn coldly and asked directly, "Isn't it enough to bully her in the Lan family? Why do you still bully her outside? Marilyn, what the hell do you want? "

When Selena heard his question, she concealed the smug smile on her face. She pulled his sleeve and shook her head. "You misunderstood. Miss Marilyn just asked me out to talk about something."

Although she tried to explain, the grievance on her face would only make Ethan misunderstand Marilyn.

As expected, hearing her words, Ethan became even angrier. He looked at Marilyn coldly and said, "What do you have to talk about with Selena? Marilyn, what tricks do you want to play? Do you have to make things so embarrassing? "

Being questioned indiscriminately by Ethan, Marilyn was totally confused. Did she want to make things so embarrassing? Did he know what Selena said to her? She apologized to Selena calmly and asked her to explain to him clearly, but she got a shameless demonstration from her. Shouldn't she be angry? What was wrong with her?

Marilyn looked at him in disbelief. It seemed that she had never known the man in front of her. He was so strange, so strange. How could the man she loved say something like that to her?

He didn't know what had happened, but he just stood beside another woman indiscriminately. For this Selena, he criticized her again and again. Marilyn's heart was really hurt by Ethan this time.

Her teeth were trembling, and her face was pale. She looked at the strange man, embarrassed and sad. She took a deep breath and said with difficulty, "In your heart, Am I, Marilyn, such kind of person?"

She didn't seem to know the man in front of her anymore. Since he lost his memory, he hurt her again and again, as if he had changed into another person. Marilyn even began to doubt if this man was disguised.

How could her husband, Ethan, hurt her so cruelly?

Ethan didn't answer her, but Marilyn had already known his answer.

Yes, she was such a person in his heart.

What was she expecting?

Marilyn laughed at herself, tears welling up in her eyes. "Hahaha, Ethan, what on earth did I do wrong to make you hurt me again and again? Are you going to trample on my feelings now? "

How ridiculous! She thought she was just a joke.

The guests in the cafe were also attracted. Looking at the pitiful look of Selena, they also thought that it

lthough Ethan didn't remember Adam, his father had told him that he was his good friend. He didn't refuse and agreed to meet him.

The two of them were in a teahouse. When Ethan arrived, Adam was already waiting for him in a private room.

Adam frowned and came straight to the point. "We all understand that you have lost your memory, but Marilyn is your wife, the woman you asked to marry personally. You were Ethan before you lost your memory, and now you are also Ethan. Even if you lose your memory, you can't hurt her like this. Can you break your promise just because you had lost your memory? Can you cancel the past just because you forget it? Ethan, it's not like you. What are you thinking about? "

This was what confused Adam the most. He had no idea what was on his mind. Could losing memory really make a person change so much?

Sitting opposite him, Ethan kept silent for a long time before he said slowly, "I don't remember the existence of Marilyn. I can't take care of her as my beloved wife at all. After I lost my memory, the first person I saw when I opened my eyes was Selena. She took care of me when I was injured. I can't let her go, nor can I tolerate anyone to hurt her."

In the face of Adam's questioning, Ethan kept silent for a long time and finally made a positive explanation. This was his real thought. He really couldn't treat a strange woman as his beloved wife. He couldn't feel the same when he heard the past from others, as if he was listening to other people's story.

Everyone thought that he should love Marilyn, which seemed to be a matter of course, but he couldn't accept it anyway.

Hearing his response, Adam fell silent. He took a deep breath and said, "She's sick. She's lying in the hospital now. She even calls your name when she's in a coma. Ethan, go and see her."

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