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   Chapter 282 Dispute

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All the people who came to see him were sad and grateful. What made them sad was that he had lost his memory after this incident, but they felt grateful that he had been saved and returned home in peace.

The Lan family was still brightly lit at night, and it was very lively. People was worried about Ethan's health, and left at about nine o'clock in the evening.

At this time, such a scene appeared in the living room of the Lan family.

Somehow, there was a quarrel between Selena and the servants of the Lan family, which attracted Louie, Levy, Marilyn and Ethan who had just sent the guests away.

Selena frowned and pointed at the two servants angrily, "What's your attitude? If you don't like me, just tell me. I'll leave the Lan family, okay? What do you mean by saying that I stay in the Lan family for benefit? You are just two servants. Do you really take yourself seriously? "

Today's guests were all Ethan's friends and boss, so it was inconvenient for her to show up. She stayed in the room all the time and didn't come downstairs until she saw them have left one after another. As soon as she walked into the corridor of the living room, she heard two servants gossiping about her in secret. They said that she was holding a debt of gratitude to the Lan family and that she stayed in the family just for the rich and power of Lan family. She wanted to take advantage of the time when Ethan forget Marilyn to be with Ethan.

In fact, she felt a little guilty, but as a spoiled girl, she didn't know how to calm things down. Hearing what they said, how could she hold back her anger? She retorted without hesitation.

She didn't think it would be worse for the Lan family who was in a low mood.

She was a person who would report flaws. When she heard the servant look down upon her, she retorted immediately. Her loud voice attracted everyone. To put it bluntly, she was like a shrew.

However, she had saved Ethan's life, so the servants could only apologize carefully, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Hearing what Selena said, Ethan went straight to her side. Looking at her angry face, he asked with concern, "What happened? Who made you unhappy? "

When Selena saw Ethan, she immediately twitched her mouth in grievance and complained, "They said that I wanted you to pay me, that I stayed at your home and didn't leave, that I destroyed the relationship between you and your wife. Big fool, they all looked down on me. I want to go home, and I miss my father."

It was true that Selena felt wronged, but what she said implied that Marilyn was involved and discredited Marilyn.

The two servants were new here. Seeing that Marilyn was getting more and more depressed, they couldn't help snickering. They didn't expect that they would be heard by Selen

ry? Why did you do this to her? Look! Mary is your wife, not a toy for you to vent your dissatisfaction! "

She really didn't agree with what Ethan said. She had already known the whole story, but it was just a few words of the servant. How could it be related to Marilyn? She really felt that his brain was broken!

He couldn't tell right from wrong. He had changed a lot since he came back. He was so nice to a woman who came out of nowhere, but he was so cold to Marilyn. Even if she was the so-called Savior, he didn't have to hurt Marilyn for this woman, did he?

Now, Ethan didn't listen to anyone's advice at all. He was determined that Selena was bullied by Marilyn.

The two sides were in a stalemate. Ethan looked around coldly and met the worried eyes of Selena. He comforted her, and then looked at the people who were confronting him. His eyes suddenly turned cold and said, "Since you don't welcome Selena, I'll take her away from here. Sorry, father, mother, I can't stand that the person I only know in the world be bullied in this way. "

As he spoke, he took a deep look at Marilyn. Then he held Selena's hand and left the Lan family without looking at the other people.

Selena was very different to him now. She was not only his Savior, but also the only person he knew in the world. The first person he saw when he opened his eyes was Selena. He had forgotten Marilyn, so he didn't feel sorry for Marilyn.

Seeing that he left without mercy, Marilyn hurried to catch up with him, grabbed his sleeve and looked at him with beseeching eyes. With tears on her face, she humbly asked him to stay, "Don't go, okay? Don't leave me alone, Ethan. You said you would never leave me alone. "

Marilyn's hands were trembling uncontrollably. Her voice was filled with tears, and the pain and panic in her heart seemed to drown her.

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