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   Chapter 245 Thorny Roses

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As the largest shareholder of the Shu Group, although Ethan was not in his position, he had absolute authority. He had his own reason for not appearing frequently beside Marilyn recently.

Marilyn ruthlessly hung up the phone, which angered Laura. This time, Laura came to the company with her son and Suzan.

Because of their identity, no one dared to stop them, but they were uneasy about their arrival.

"What's going on? Is the weather going to change again?" One of the employees was restless. He put down his work, and his eyes wandered with the three people.

Gordon had been playing with his colleagues just now, and now his smile froze on his face. "What's wrong with them coming here? Let's go and see what's going on!" Then he quietly followed the three of them to the door of the CEO's office.

When he inadvertently looked back, he found that there were a crowd of people who came to inquire about the news behind him.

They had just returned to the company, and the most frightening thing for them was that Joey came back to run the company again. During that period of time, they had suffered a lot. They couldn't get any salary. On the one hand, the young master treated his employees very bad, and he even wanted to drain their energy for his own use.

They didn't knock on the door and walked in directly. It seemed that Suzan was a little reluctant to come. She pushed the arm of Laura, but she was too old to do it.

"How long have you just taken over the company? You are so arrogant. Do you still care about your grandmother and this family?" Laura smartly took herself out and mentioned the old Suzan. There was no trace of her humbleness in her mean words.

Suzan's eyes lit up in recent days. She fumbled slowly to the side of Loura and persuaded her, "Laura, don't worry. It's not easy for Marilyn to lead the company on track. It's not good for the company's development!"

"Mom, if we don't take action now, we won't get anything from her in the future!" With sharp light in her eyes, Laura was not grateful to the woman in front of her at all. She refuted Suzan in a hurry.

"I think you misunderstood. Since I took over the company, I will try my best to make it better. As for grandma, I don't think I have done anything to make her disappointed, right?" As Marilyn spoke, she turned to look at Suzan helplessly. The hope that had just been ignited in her heart was poured cold water by the arrival of this family. What made her more disappointed was that her grandmother was still the same.

Suzan looked into Marilyn's eyes with mixed feelings. Marilyn could tell that she was very apologetic.

Marilyn's mood eased a lot, and she became more tough to what Laura was doing. "Tell me, what do you want to do this time? If you want to get a position from me, I think the board of directors will discuss next and maybe give your son a director."

Marilyn thought that she could give Joey free posts. As long as he didn't disturb the company's established development process, it would be insignificant.


ave the confidence to speak.

In this way, Marilyn helped Suzan to the hall on the first floor and turned around to leave. She didn't hear what Suzan said before leaving, but felt that she didn't want to stay here any longer.

Marilyn, who hadn't done flower arrangement for a long time, was invited to the flower arrangement club after returning home for nearly a month.

"You want me to teach the kids? But I have no similar experience! " Marilyn was a little worried. She was afraid that she would make trouble to this charity activity.

"Miss Marilyn, these children are all disabled children with vision problems. We call to invite you because of your special skills in flower arrangement. We are going to hold a public service activity to extend our friendship to these special children, so that they can feel the warmth of the society." The staff explained carefully. They urgently needed a teacher like Marilyn.

When Marilyn heard the word "charity", she couldn't refuse. She could understand how it felt when one couldn't see. When she practiced flower arrangement, she was blindfolded all the time. Darkness sent her an endless sense of uncertainty and panic, and everything was over.

Now Marilyn closed her eyes and her mind was full of beautiful flowers, which made her no longer panic in the dark night.

She temporarily handed over the company's affairs to her assistant, and spared half a day to go to the training class mentioned by the club.

Marilyn was shocked by the scene in front of her. Those who participated in the training not only those who had visual problems, but also some people who had intellectual problems.

In order to prevent the children from being hurt by the roses' thorn, she specially prepared the flowers. Even so, there were still some escaped fish. A child was stabbed by the thorn in the process of exploring, and bleed.

"I hate flower arrangement and roses!" He left the classroom crying and shouting, but he didn't return to his seat no matter how Marilyn comforted him.

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