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   Chapter 244 Getting Better

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The employees all went back to the company to receive their own salary. They were all overjoyed and cheered for the leaders of Marilyn.

"President, it's great that you can come back. If you are here, we won't leave." The head of the group said with a smile, holding the money in his hand. He won the approval of the crowd.

The others also nodded, and some even gave up on getting their salary and insisted on working with Marilyn.

"I don't want your salary. I'll take these tens of thousands as my shares." Gordon counted the money and handed it back to Marilyn. He looked a little reluctant, but he finally broke up with the money he had got.

Everyone loved money. They just saw hope. Some people had worked here for half a life and were not used to changing to another environment all of a sudden. The return of Marilyn gave them hope to come back, and most of them wanted to come back here.

They all knew that the problem was not about the products, but the management. As long as the basic problem was solved, they would rather spend some money to come back.

Marilyn returned the money excitedly. "I appreciate your kindness. I have handled the problem of money. You don't need to worry. If you want to come back, I agree with you with both hands."

These words were like tranquilizers for them. They went to the HR manager to sign the contract as they received their salary for a year.

The Shu family no longer interfered with the management method of Marilyn. They predicted that once the company was in her hands, Ethan would definitely invest in it, and then the company would come back to life.

The people who had a good plan didn't expect that Marilyn's first request was that the sister and brother of the Shu family couldn't step into the company. At first, Laura didn't agree with the idea, but Suzan insisted on it. Finally, the negotiation ended with Marilyn's wish.

As long as the financial problem was solved, most of the company's problems would be solved. Marilyn had a hard time in the company for three days and finally solved it.

Suzan felt lucky for her stubborn decision and less prejudice against her granddaughter.

Marilyn nearly had no time to have a rest. When she finally got the chance, she planned to take a hot bath with petals to relax herself and have a good sleep. However, she was woken up by the phone ringing after half an hour's sleep in the bathtub.

"Hello?" She closed her eyes and said in a hazy tone. Her lazy voice was transmitted through the microphone.

"Angela, when will you come back? A few days ago, you said you would come back in two days. Because of you, I signed up for the flower arrangement competition for you. This time, it is not limited to the whole country, but a world level competition." The teacher was a little excited. She seemed to have seen Marilyn walking towards her with a trophy. This was her lifelong dream to be the number one in the world. She thought that if there was no accident, the number one in the world would hav

roper desire for this woman, I think I have no reason to keep you." His indifferent tone pierced through Mr. Zhao's nerves. He wanted to throw the woman in his arms out, but the man's piercing eyes made him give up the decision.

"Put her down. If anything happens, I'll ask you!"

Hearing this, Mr. Zhao felt much more relieved. He slowly put the woman on the ground. Just as the woman was about to touch the ground, a figure swept over and held the sleeping Marilyn tightly.

"You will pay for what you have done. Now disappear in front of me, immediately!" Upon hearing this, Mr. Zhao ran away in a flash.

At this time, Marilyn came to her senses. She opened her eyes and found herself in the arms of Ethan. She jumped down like a rein and slapped him without giving him any chance to react.


After Marilyn left, Ethan felt the heat on her face, but he didn't feel any pain. Then he realized that Marilyn seemed to be much lighter.

Thanks to Marilyn, the company was getting better. She took the lead in negotiating business and attending occasions. Strangely, Marilyn didn't receive any message of persuading her to drink in every social engagement in the future, and the cooperation would be reached soon.

Without thinking too much, Marilyn received a message from Laura.

"I want to talk to you about the matter that Joey went to the company." To Marilyn's surprise, Laura said her request straightforwardly, which made her feel more ridiculous.

Marilyn didn't respond to her request at that time. She refused to go back to Shu family for the reason that she was busy with the company's affairs. She felt that she was much freer in the company and would not be stopped by anyone when she was doing something. Because she had the contract, she had nothing to worry about. Now the company was in her hands, and she could not do whatever others said. It was her own business.

What made her feel strange was that she was not used the time when Ethan didn't come to harass her.

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