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   Chapter 225 A Weird Doctor

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Marilyn didn't want to talk to the two people who were talking nonsense. Coincidentally, the patient in front of her had been called in by the doctor. She needed to wait for a few minutes.

"I have something important to do now. Please respect the order of the hospital. If you keep doing this, I may call the security." Marilyn was a little anxious. She knew it was not easy to have a chance to come here. She didn't want to waste this good opportunity.

As she spoke, Marilyn's eyes became a little uncomfortable, and tears fell unconsciously.

"Sister, don't be so hypocritical. Why are you crying?" Joey put his hand into his pocket and looked like a hoodlum.

Marilyn didn't want to explain anything. As she was about to be called, she was ready to tell the weird doctor about her condition briefly.

Adam sat in the family seat next to them. When he saw the noise in the waiting area, he took two more looks and knew that Marilyn was entangled by them.

He quickly walked over and protected Marilyn behind him. He said to the sister and brother with a dark face, "is this the place where you can quarrel casually? I don't think the others will agree, right? " Adam looked at the other patients who were waiting in queue. Just as they were about to get angry, Joey glared back.

Now that they had someone to back them up, they began to cheer up.

"You're right. You're disturbing us, okay?"

"Hurry up! If you don't want to see a doctor, you can leave now. Otherwise, we will make a collective complaint against you!"

They criticized the siblings in a mixed voice. Joey and Miya's faces turned from red to black.

"Marilyn, we'll see. I'll teach you a lesson later. Let's go!" Holding her brother's hand, Miya was about to leave. Joey was not willing to go. "Sister, don't we need to take care of grandma's illness?"

"It's none of your business. Tell her the 'good news' later. She will be fine!" Miya gnashed her teeth and glared at Marilyn.

Marilyn thought it was funny. If she came back, she would only make Suzan unhappy. How could her back have the effect of treatment?

Marilyn's name was shown on the screen. It seemed that the former one was not seriously ill and it was her turn.

"Mr. Adam, I'm going in." Marilyn stood up and walked inside.

Adam reminded her, "don't forget what I told you before."

Marilyn remembered, "Dr. Zoey is not easy to deal with." No, "Dr. Zoey is by no means an ordinary doctor. He is a divine level doctor. "

After Miya left, she didn't stop and immediately called Rachel.

As for Marilyn's "death", it was Rachel who went to the Shu family and told them without the consent of Ethan. Rachel had planned to make her family sad for a period of time, but she didn't expect that...

"You mean that bitch Marilyn is dead, really?" Miya grasped Rachel's sleeves tightly and couldn't restrain her excitement.

Rachel nodded awkwardly, "Aren't you her family? Or am I wrong? "

Miya let

was very familiar with it. He wouldn't have driven that car if there was no special case.

Moreover, in Rachel's impression, this car seemed to have not been moved for a long time, unless there was something private for Ethan to do.

The private affairs of Ethan always reminded Rachel of the name of Marilyn. She thought this was the reason why he had never looked at her in the past few years.

Rachel remembered that Miya had told her on the phone that most of the patients here had eye problems. As far as she recalled, Marilyn's eyes were indeed a little abnormal.

Without any hesitation, Rachel turned her car around and left directly. She was uneasy. On the way back, she kept saying, "she's back. She's back anyway."

Ethan had followed Marilyn here from the airport. He saw the woman who used to be warm in his arms was now beside another man.

He had an impulse to ask her what had happened over the years, what happened to her eyes, and why she had been with this man.

However, Ethan was still a coward. He was afraid of disturbing the beautiful dream of the woman. If possible, he was willing to pay silently.

Marilyn had asked the receptionist and was told to wait for the news at home. The final treatment plan would be concluded in three days. Then she took the money here.

"Let's go!" Adam reached out his hand and asked Marilyn to put her hand on it. Then the two of them left together.

Marilyn pretended not to see him. She smiled and went out first.

Seeing the trace of Marilyn, Ethan was very excited. When he was about to open the door, he suddenly remembered that it was not like four years ago. Both of them had changed.

Ethan made a right decision, because not long after, he saw Adam walk out of the hospital.

From the way the two walked in front of each other to the way they walked side by side later, their behavior was reasonable without any embarrassment.

Gritting his teeth, Ethan clenched the steering wheel.

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