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   Chapter 224 Meet

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The staff didn't dare to make a sound. He listened to Ethan's analysis quietly until Ethan came to a conclusion. "Let her go!"

"But..." He saw several policemen not far away looking at him with resentment, and his heart ached. "They..."

Ethan smiled and said, "it's up to you whether to choose me or them. This girl on my duty now."

Marilyn felt warm in her heart. She felt the protection of Ethan. He still kept this habit even if she couldn't see.

On the other hand, she was a little worried, because this matter had a wide range of contacts. If there was a mistake in this matter, whether or not Ethan would suffer losses would be unknown to Marilyn.

"Don't worry. You can blame it on me. I believe my identity won't embarrass you too much." Ethan's words set the poor man's mind at rest. He nodded with hesitation.

Ethan didn't want to get involved in the police's case. He just thought that if he didn't say it out, he would feel uncomfortable, and their stupidity had affected his task.

It was not easy for Ethan to know where the leader criminal was. As long as he gave the order, he could be arrested. However, the accident changed his plan.

This task was authorized by the king of the other country to Ethan, and he was absolutely responsible for it.

Marilyn thought that the man had recognized her and was about to take off her mask for recognition, but he turned around and left.

After solving the problem of the police, Ethan had to solve his own problem. He didn't have time to stay here, because every second he wasted meant that the international criminal would escape further.

Marilyn walked towards Ollie disappointedly. At this time, Ollie looked at Marilyn nervously.

"Sister Marilyn, did he recognize you? You scared me to death just now. When he appeared, the two of us hid ourselves." Then Adam walked out of a hidden place.

"How are you? Are you scared? " Adam asked worriedly.

When Marilyn was stopped by force, Adam wanted to talk to her. He thought he could make use of one or two advantages for his dignity. Just when he was about to take action, Ollie reminded him that Ethan had come.

The appearance of Ethan surprised the two of them. In order not to make things more complex, they found a place to dodge first. It wouldn't be too late if the matter was so urgent that they had to show up.

However, less than ten minutes later, Marilyn was set free from the place where she was intercepted. Adam was very surprised.

"What did he say to that man? Why did he let you go so easily? And why did he hold you? Did he make things difficult for you? " Ollie asked Marilyn one question after another. She was so curious that she had to investigate everything.

Marilyn was amused by her curiosity. "What do you want me to answer? Let me do it one by one, okay? "

The three of them left the airport, talking and laughing, but they didn't kn


"I just came back from abroad, my dear brother." When Marilyn saw her brother again, she felt that her brother was gentler than before. In Marilyn's heart, it was difficult for one to live. Besides, they were her only family.

"Sister, come here. It's really her." After confirming everything, Joey called Miya over.

Miya changed her frightened expression and became indifferent. "Since you're back, you are not allowed to refuse your obligation."

"What do you mean?" Marilyn was in a good mood just now, and now she was depressed. She should know that there had never been any good thing to meet them.

"Let me tell you, grandma's illness has a lot to do with you. If you hadn't deceived everyone by pretending to be dead, she wouldn't have cried her eyes blind. Now her illness needs a lot of medical fees, and you can't take off the responsibility." Miya said resentfully. She blamed Marilyn for her grandmother's illness and asked her to pay for the medical fees, but in fact, it was not the case.

Suzan was ill because the company went bankrupt and it brought a big blow to her. Most of her white hair fell overnight, and her eyes and ears went bad. Now she was like a vegetable staying in bed at home, although she could move a little, she hadn't got up for a long time.

Suzan thought she was sorry for the ancestors of the Shu family. It was her fault to destroy the Shu Group. She was too ashamed to face those people.

In comparison, Miya felt less guilty. Since the company went bankrupt, no one had come to collect money. Although the quality of their lives had changed greatly, Miya, who had been used to suffering, could cope with it. On the contrary, Joey was depressed all day long. He lost many friends, and no one would pay for him when he went out for dinner. He didn't know what kind of friends he had made for the last few years, but none of them had offered a helping hand at a critical moment.

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