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   Chapter 222 Return To The Hometown

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After a short exchange of pleasantries, it was time to get to the point. Adam had a mission this time.

"I'm not only here to see you. Marilyn, you may have to come back ahead of time." Adam said seriously.

Marilyn planned to spend ten years to make Ethan to forget her, and then she would go back to the motherland to find a quiet place to spend the rest of her life. Four years had just passed, and Adam brought her such news.

Adam looked at Marilyn who was in disbelief and continued, "do you remember Mr. Zoey I told you before?"

Marilyn nodded. She remembered that from the moment she was sick, Adam had been talking about the name in her ear.

Although she didn't meet him, she knew how brilliant his medical skills were, and his achievements in ophthalmology were much more than all the experts in the world.

"I remember the eye specialist whom we have to wait in line four years in advance to see." Marilyn answered seriously.

"No!" Adam's sudden voice startled everyone. "He is a master of Ophthalmology. His level is far higher than that of an expert."

Ollie was shocked by the title. "Wired man, you mean you have invited a divine level person? Then, can he cure her eyes? "

"That's why I'm here. Marilyn, you may have to put down your flower arrangement for the time being." Adam fiddled with the handcraft. He was glad that Marilyn could find her place in this strange place.

Before coming here, he had to hesitate. He didn't know if the woman would like to come back with him. After all, he had persisted for four years.

He thought that she might have been used to the life without Ethan.

It was not until he came here that he realized he was wrong. She had never forgotten him, and she was even more affectionate to him. Since it was necessary to return home, why didn't she do it in advance?

"I agree!" Marilyn answered softly with an undisguised smile on her face.

Adam was surprised. He didn't expect that Marilyn would agree so readily.

"Great! You finally agreed to come back. Now my brother doesn't need to be harassed by that disgusting woman. Although you went back because of Adam, it doesn't matter," Ollie said and held Marilyn's hand, jumping up with joy.

Originally, Ollie wanted to compete with Adam. Though she was lost, the result was what she wanted to see most, so she didn't care about the fact that she lost to a man.

Adam felt a little regretful. He didn't know whether he was right or wrong. He didn't want Marilyn to meet with Ethan, but now he was creating an opportunity for the two of them to meet. He knew that this return would not be a simple treatment.

Adam knew that Ethan had a lot of eyes in the country. As long as Marilyn entered the country, someone would get the news and report it to him. Then her whereabouts would be exposed.

Marilyn didn't know how advanced the domestic communication and monitoring technology had been in the past four years.

Adam had personally experienced the process of police tracking down an escaped prisoner.

At that time, he was going on a business trip by plane. He had to turn off his phone before h


Marilyn held the teacher's hand, shook her head and nodded. "How can I not miss this place? I will remember your teaching in the past four years." She touched his wrinkled hand. She was very familiar with every ditch, and even the scratches on it were bandaged by her.

It was inevitable for her to be pierced by thorny roses when she was doing flower arrangement. The old lady's eyes were not as sharp as before, and there were obvious symptoms of her presbyopic eyes. Marilyn had been persuading her teacher to find a place to have a look or to get a pair of presbyopic glasses, but she didn't agree.

The old lady took out a package from her room and handed it to Marilyn. "Here you are. You can only open it after getting on the plane. I will be angry if you open it in advance!"

Marilyn didn't want to embarrass her teacher, so she accepted the gift. She didn't dare to promise that she would come back again, because the future was full of uncertainty. She didn't know what would happen in the future. This separation might be farewell forever.

She thought that she would cherish the stuff in the bag, which was left to her by the teacher.

The old lady didn't have a phone number here. Marilyn knew that it was very disappointed that she couldn't call her teacher frequently after returning home, so she could only call her by letters.

"Miss, if I write to you, will you reply?" Marilyn looked at the teacher's kindly face expectantly.

"Silly girl, how can I not reply to you? You must take good care of yourself when I am not here! " The old lady still couldn't control her sadness and held her lovely disciple tightly in her arms.

Marilyn opened her bag as soon as she boarded the plane. She had never thought that there would be some money in it. She suddenly understood why a teacher who never accepted strangers would allow others to live in her courtyard. It turned out that she just wanted to charge some rent to cover Marilyn's household expenses. She didn't know that Marilyn didn't need the money. What she lost was far more expensive than money.

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