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   Chapter 218 She Was Blamed By Everyone

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"Don't pretend to be innocent. Are you satisfied to hurt Mr. Ethan so severely? Happy? Why didn't you die in the explosion? Why did you come back to hurt him? " The more Rachel said, the angrier she became. She blamed all the faults on Marilyn alone.

Hearing what had happened to Ethan, Marilyn suddenly sat up from the bed. She pulled off the pipe and thread connected to the instrument. Rachel said in a panic, "Ethan, you have caused him trouble. He hasn't woken up yet. The doctor said..." Rachel cried sadly. "The doctor said he needed a craniotomy operation, and he might become a vegetable."

"It's impossible! It's impossible! I saw him just now. He said he would take me to see the polar lights. No, no, no..." Marilyn didn't believe what she had heard. Her memory lingered on the moment when Ethan asked her to stretch out her hands. She felt that she was about to reach heaven. Then she had a sleep and came to the hospital.

Rachel grabbed Marilyn's collar and pulled her hard. "Don't think about it anymore. You're making him unable to see the light. Why would he look at the polar light with you? Don't make daydream. Even if he wants to see, he will go with me."

In this crisis, Rachel did not forget to fight for her face.

Marilyn was wide awake now. Heaven was just a dream. The truth was that in the process of saving her, Ethan unfortunately fell into the water.

She had never been so sober like now. She had seen that in order to find a doctor for her, Ethan found the doctors for her by all means. She had also seen that he couldn't fall asleep in order to take care of her every night.

"Rachel..." Marilyn called her name clearly, which shocked the woman beside her. "If anything happens to him, I won't live alone."

Before Rachel could react, Marilyn ran out of the ward.

A complacent smile appeared on her face. "Marilyn, I'll make you lose miserably this time!"

The butler called Louie and Levy. He tried his best to sound calm. He was afraid that his inappropriate words would cause their panic, so he just said, "something happened to Mr. Ethan."

There was no other words but these simple words were enough to make the parents collapse. Before they arrived at the hospital, they had thought of all kinds of possibilities.

"Louie, I'm afraid. If anything happens to my son, how can I live?" Levy put down all her dignity and rushed to the hospital regardless of her image.

Tears coursed down Louie's cheeks and he couldn't say anything. He had heard such words for several times, and every time it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. He should have been immune to such words, but this time, because of the different situation, he couldn't rest assured.

To be with Marilyn, who was seriously ill, he might encounter a lot more dangers.

Louie had seen or heard of Marilyn's irrational behavior. She had even hurt herself. He didn't know if his son's crisis was related to that girl.

Rachel heard about the description of Ethan's condition from the nur

. Infusion of glucose helped her recover a lot. Even though the doctor told her to stay in bed, she still came to the operating room of Ethan.

Louie and Levy were also anxiously waiting for the end of the operation.

As the lights in the operating room went out, their tense nerves finally relaxed. They ran to the doctor and asked about the situation.

"The operation is very successful, but he needs to rest quietly for a period of time. During this period, he can't be stimulated, let alone have too much emotional entanglement." The doctor was familiar with the story of these young people who committed suicide. She was kind enough to persuade them, and Levy understood.

When Marilyn staggered to the operating room again, the operation was over. She saw Louie and Levy sitting still in the chair.

"Uncle, Ethan..." Marilyn knew that this elder man was friendly to her, so she couldn't feel unwelcome from him.

"Marilyn!" But Levy continued, "please leave my son. This time, he was lucky enough to escape from death. I don't know what he will encounter next time. Just take pity on us and let my son go! "

Marilyn was shocked by the scene that Levy was about to kneel down. From her words, she knew that Ethan was out of danger, and this news was enough for her.

Marilyn turned to Louie. The moment he touched her eyes, he turned around and didn't want to see her.

Marilyn knew that her existence had brought too much trouble and danger to Ethan.

After going through so many troubles, Marilyn had already seen through it. Since that person was safe, there was no need for her to stay. She would only cause other people's trouble.

"Okay, I promise you. I just hope that you can take good care of him. As long as he can be safe, you can ask me to do anything." Marilyn said resolutely.

She bowed to his parents and left the hospital without taking a look at him. She forgot what the doctor had told her and took back her tears.

This time, she decided to leave with a smile.

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