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   Chapter 217 End On The Bridge

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"Come here. I'll take you to see Mr. Ethan." The maid, Emma, stretched out her hand to ask Marilyn to leave with her.

"Emma, where has Ethan gone? Why can't I find him?" Marilyn didn't notice that danger was approaching. Her mind was full of Ethan. She thought that she could see his chuckling later and asked Emma to see if she looked bad.

"Miss, even if you are sick, you are still the most beautiful woman in the world. We are almost there. Sir is there not far away." Emma dragged Marilyn forward. She was in a hurry and felt that the woman walked too slowly, so she dragged her.

In Emma's heart, she always thought that Marilyn was the hostess and she need to take care her carefully until Rachel appeared. Rachel told Emma that she was the legal wife and Marilyn was the shameless mistress. Emma believed what she said. Moreover, Rachel promised her that if she could take back everything that belonged to her, she would definitely let Emma live a better life.

When her memory was interrupted, Emma found that Marilyn had disappeared from her sight.

"Miss, miss?" Emma called her twice, but no one answered. She looked around and found no one saw her, so she left in a hurry.

Out of curiosity, Marilyn just took a look at the driver's seat of the car next to her. When she looked back, she didn't see Emma.

She was anxious and flustered. "Ethan, where are you? I'm afraid. I don't know this place... "

There were pedestrians and cars on the empty street just now. Her crying attracted others' attention.

"Ah, it's so pitiful. She is not in good spirit and got lost..."

"Yes, I think she has some requirements. I don't know who she is. Anyway, I think I have met her somewhere before."

"The less trouble the better. Let's go. We are to be blamed if anything happen to her."

He just ignored this poor woman and let her lose her direction in the strange street.

A lot of voices appeared in her mind, and the voice and smile of Ethan kept flashing. She felt that the voice was very close, and the face of that person was not far away.

It seemed to be in front of her, not far away...

Marilyn made up her mind and walked along the street. Even if there was a fork in the road, she would not change the direction, because she believed that it was not the place to go to Ethan.

Slowly, her sight became bright. She saw the river flowing and the boat swaying on the river.

As the wind blew, some pedestrians wrapped themselves tightly and put on their hats. Some of them even covered their mouths and noses with gauze towels. It was cold but not piercing.

Marilyn put her hand beside her mouth and breathed a sigh of relief. She saw that people were walking in the same direction, which was the only way to cross the water Dragon River Bridge.

The river was named after the city, and the bridge was also named after the river. This was a history passed down from generation to generation.

Marilyn couldn't see Ethan. She wanted to climb to the highest place and have a panoramic view of the whole city, so that she could see that man as soon as possible.

Noticing that no one was in the room, Ethan checked the who

ere was no place for him to stand. He could only stand there and wait for her to get close to him.

Regardless of anything, Marilyn opened her arms to meet the man, but her legs were not fixed on the bridge. She fell into the river with a roar.

Ethan untied the protection rope on his body and jumped in the direction of the woman.

The cold river soon drowned the bodies of the two people. Firefighters went out and took out all the tools they could use.

"Help, help... Here, here... "

The people on the shore heard the cry for help from time to time. "Hurry up, they are here!"

The nearest firefighters on the shore turned around and swam towards the place where the sound came, but they were saved before he arrived.

Oh, no, Ethan slipped down the smooth shore because of his physical strength.

"Someone fell into the water, right in that direction." Someone guided the direction again. They walked along the reverse direction of the river to face the difficulties and tried their best.

Three or Five people formed a team and swam towards the bottom of the river. Their diving suits restricted their movements, and some of them simply took off their oxygen jars and threw them to their friends on the shore.

Their efforts paid off. They successfully found Ethan at the bottom of the river, and he was in a deep coma now.

"Ambulance, come here. Someone is drowning here!"

The ambulance had been waiting for a long time. Marilyn was in a coma because of excessive fright. They listened to the order and drove forward.

The situation of Ethan was more serious, because his head hit the hidden reef under the river. According to the preliminary test, his head was seriously injured and needed a craniotomy.

Hearing the news, Rachel came to the hospital. She didn't expect that the condition of Ethan was so serious. Her guilt turned into dissatisfaction with Marilyn.

Rachel got the ward information of Marilyn from the nurse and came there.

Marilyn hadn't fully recovered, and her physical index was still at the lowest level. In this case, she was scolded by Rachel.

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