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   Chapter 214 Quarrelsome friends

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Under the pressure and temptation of Ethan, Elsa told him that Leys might have to hide in the Hua mansion.

Ethan led the base to attack it in one go. He was not even sure if the people he wanted was inside and had razed it to the ground in a fit of anger.

Elsa just wanted an explanation. As for that person, she could do nothing if his fate was like this.

"Let him go with his shameless pride. Maybe we can continue to meet in another place." Elsa smiled weirdly.

Every time Edward thought of Elsa's expression, his hair stood on end. The strange man who had something to do with her was also strange.

Ethan left Elsa useless. He destroyed the photo which was created by the technology and sent her to another city and let her live by herself.

"It's not your style." Edward reminded him. He thought that he would never be soft hearted to others, but this time he was much more merciful.

Stroking Marilyn's hair, Ethan said in a much softer tone, "she has changed me, and I have to change her fate."

Edward didn't stay long. He remembered that he had left a woman on the island of Venice. He could imagine how the woman would look when she woke up and saw him missing.

Ethan didn't expect that Adam and Ollie would come together.

"Did you make an appointment?" Asked Ethan curiously. He didn't think the two of them had the affection to make an appointment.

Ollie immediately moved her steps and said, "who is with him? It's just a coincidence. It will never happen again." Then she glared at Adam.

"Ethan, I have nothing to talk to you. I'm here to see my vice president." Adam knew that Marilyn only had the title of vice president which belonged to Adam. He ignored Ollie's unreasonable words and didn't want to talk to Ethan.

Adam wanted to take a closer look at Marilyn's condition. He had seen the worst situation, and it was not a big deal for him.

"No way. She doesn't even know me now. Approaching her will only hurt you." Ethan stopped Adam.

"Brother, just let him go! I think he is not afraid of getting hurt at all. " Ollie said jokingly. She looked at Adam as if she was watching a good show. Thinking of his crying face, she laughed in her heart.

Ethan glared at Ollie to let her well behave. "He was so impolite when he talked to you just now," said Ollie, ignoring what Ethan did.

Ollie didn't understand why Adam was so angry with her brother since Marilyn had nothing to do with him. She couldn't bear it that Adam just vent his anger to Ethan.

Just when Adam didn't listen to Ethan and insisted on visiting Marilyn, Marilyn was suddenly waving her hands and claws at the man.

"Go. Go. Get out of here. I hate the smell. Ethan, let him go." Adam didn't know what to do with Marilyn's restlessness.

"How could it be? She doesn't even know me." Adam became dejected. For the safety of Marilyn, he had

't do anything because so many people were present. So she had to be ruthless secretly.

Seeing what Rachel did, Adam kept it in mind and tried to find an opportunity to make her angry.

Rachel felt a little embarrassed. Everyone was hiding something in their hearts but did not speak it out. For this outsider, it seemed that they were mutually exclusive, and she was somewhat at a loss.

"Let me make you a cup of coffee." Rachel said to herself. She left the room and went to the kitchen to make coffee. She wanted to use this to kill time.

She thought, 'if only that woman could leave as soon as possible, then I could only pour coffee for Ethan.'

Even when the coffee was served, Marilyn didn't wake up. She was still resting her head on his arm.

"Mr. Ethan, would you like some coffee?" Rachel put the coffee on the table and walked straight to Ethan without saying anything.

"Drink it yourself. I can't pull my arm out now, so I don't have time to drink coffee." Said Ethan indifferently.

It was clear that he wanted Rachel to stay away from him.

While the two of them were talking, Ollie looked at the steaming coffee and came up with a plan.

A thud broke the silence. Looking at the woman in his arms nervously, Ethan felt lucky that she didn't wake up.

"Ollie, lower your voice. She just fell asleep." There was a hint of reproach in his tone, and even Ethan wanted to drive everyone here to leave.

"Brother, you don't know that the coffee is too hard to drink. I really can't swallow it." After spitting out the coffee, Ollie poured the rest of the cup into the trash can.

Rachel's face darkened. She underestimated Ollie's ability.

"Since it's not tasty, then don't drink it anymore. Take the wine from here as well!" Ethan didn't want to spit the coffee on his beloved woman's face.

Adam didn't touch the coffee, and his expression showed that he disliked it.

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