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   Chapter 212 The Fight Between Parents

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Marilyn was stubborn and didn't listen to anyone. Even she couldn't recognize Ethan.

"Where are you, Ethan? Why can't I find you everywhere?" Unable to open her eyes, Marilyn sensed the surroundings with her hands. She was covered by thick gauze and couldn't distinguish day and night. The image in her mind had been lingering before the explosion. She saw that Ethan had left her.

"I'm here, Marilyn. Do you feel me?"

Ethan tried to touch her hands. He didn't know if her hands had fully recovered after the operation, or if they would be painful if they were touched.

She didn't scream or withdraw her hand quickly. It seemed that her hand didn't feel anything.

Dr. Charlie immediately performed a nerve suturing operation for Marilyn, and even reattached the broken bone.

Ethan made a bet that he kept Marilyn's hands, but he was not sure if her heart could go back to the beginning.

Marilyn was still fiddling with her hand. It was not appropriate for Ethan to do anything big in case of bringing her second injuries. As long as she didn't fall off the bed, Ethan would let go of her.

Ethan kept reminding her of his existence, but Marilyn seemed not to hear him. She was still immersed in her own world shouting.

"Don't hurt yourself anymore, okay? Please, let go of yourself, for me! " Tears welled up in his eyes. He didn't know how to win her heart back in the shortest time.

There was no response. He was completely talking to himself, as if he was talking to a wall, but a living person was in front of him. The endless loneliness devoured the pride and domineering of Ethan.

Rachel told this to Levy secretly, which made her panic.

"Do you mean that Marilyn has lost her mind? Will she hurt Ethan? No, I have to go to see her." After hanging up the phone, Levy called Louie. She felt that this matter needed the master of her family to solve.

Hearing the key point, Louie became sad. "This girl is so kind-hearted. How could she suffer such a disaster?" He put aside all his work and followed his wife to the apartment of Ethan.

Levy rang the doorbell. Rachel, who was waiting aside, opened the door for her at the first time. To her surprise, she didn't know that Ethan's father was also here.

"Uncle, why are you here?" Rachel asked enthusiastically.

"How could I not come here since Marilyn was seriously injured? Isn't your question too meaningless?" Louie glanced at Rachel, feeling that she was not pleased, and stopped looking at her. "Where is her room?"

Without looking at Rachel, Louie asked her.

Rachel thought she had nothing to do and was about to leave. This question made her stand firm. She quickly pointed at the innermost direction and said, "there, go inside all the time. Mr. Ethan is also inside."

Louie snorted and walked towards the room without saying anything. Levy hurried to catch up with her husband before she had time to talk with Rachel. She had

lyn from hurting herself, his mother stopped him and said, "don't go. She will hurt you!"

Rachel stood aside and watched the drama, forgetting the reason why she could stay.

"Miss, aren't you going to take care of her? Why don't you take action?" It was hard for Louie to understand what Rachel had done. She even laughed at Marilyn secretly.

Rachel was called and immediately took action. "I was scared silly just now. I'll go now!"

As soon as she finished speaking, Rachel rushed forward. In order to have a good image on Louie and Levy, she grabbed the flexible tube from Marilyn's hand without hesitation.

"Give it to me! Give it to me!" This was not the case when Rachel approached Marilyn. She couldn't grab it for a long time and was even punched by Marilyn.

Although it didn't hurt, Rachel felt wronged. She wanted to complain to mother Levy, but she saw the three people looking at her expectantly.

Marilyn didn't listen to Rachel. She took the things in her hands away from the person she hated.

"Here comes little demon. Help! Help! " After saying that, she began to pounce on the woman.

Just as she was about to touch Rachel, she was instantly relieved.

"Is this woman tired? Rachel, you are so lucky. " Levy's first thought was about the safety of Rachel. She had no interest in Marilyn at all.

"Get out!" Ethan roared!

"Son, I..." Hearing what her son said, Levy felt incredible. It was the first time that she had heard this word from her son. She believed that her son would never coax her to leave no matter what happened.

Louie understood that the patient needed to calm down at this time, so he pulled his struggling wife out of the door.

"No, I won't..." Levy struggled to take her son away.

Facing the mess of the family, Rachel thought it was inconvenient for her to participate, so she found an opportunity to slip back to her own room.

"Get out of here, all of you!" Ethan shouted again.

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