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   Chapter 211 I Could Do Nothing

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"Is there any way to make her recover as soon as possible?" Ethan asked coldly beside the doctor.

The doctor was trembling with fear. He couldn't find anything to comfort him, because the patient's condition was too serious. He was afraid...

"The possibility of recovery is almost zero." The doctor told the truth based on his professional ethics.

The look in Ethan's eyes became terrifying. His bloodshot eyes were filled with burning flames, as if he was going to ignite all of this and take himself away.

"I don't believe it. Her life is like this. Find, find... I will turn the world upside down. I will make her stand in front of me again safe and sound. " The attitude of Ethan, who was determined to change his life another day, shocked everyone present.

His men didn't dare to say anything, and they were well prepared to guard Ethan. As long as he gave the order, they would set out immediately without hesitation.

The doctor was frightened by the imposing manner of Ethan and dared not say anything more. He was ready to take the anger of Ethan when he finished the last sentence.

The doctor had thought about how to avoid the frightening light from his eyes. Fortunately, Ethan didn't lose his mind. He wouldn't do anything to the doctor. He would only cramp and rip off the bones of the initiator.

Elsa used a trick to deceive Leys to her side. However, Leys escaped desperately when Ethan was about to capture him.

Leys was not an ordinary person. The secret weapon in his hand was not known to outsiders. Just when his men were about to arrest the criminal through the hypnosis gun, he disappeared in an instant. His speed was so fast that no one could see how he had left.

Ethan imprisoned Elsa and continued to interrogate her. He wanted to get more information from this woman, so that he could catch the murderer as soon as possible.

His men gathered all the capable people in Dragon City and sent them to Ethan.

"Show me all your skills. I also want a satisfactory reply." His voice penetrated everyone's eardrum and hit their hearts.

The experts came forward one by one to check on Marilyn's condition, but they were all scared away by her current condition.

"It seems that even the God can't let her recover!" An old expert was frightened to sweat by her state. He had never seen a patient who was injured and even threatened to fully recover.

Marilyn's hands were just pressed by the collapsed wall, and the bones and meridians of her hands were all broken. The only connected flesh and skin began to rot due to infection. The doctor had given out many critically ill notices to perform an amputation for her hands, but was refused by Ethan.

He thought there must be a way to keep them.

"Conservative treatment, until I find someone who can take back the broken bone." Ethan said coldly to the doctors who were full of helplessness.

The situation was not getting worse. Afte

s, Marilyn stopped twitching. She felt less painful and curled up in the man's arms.

Feeling Marilyn's consent, he carried Marilyn out of the hospital.

Rachel had long heard that something happened to Marilyn. She waited in the apartment for a long time, but no one came back. Just when she thought that Marilyn couldn't come back, Ethan brought her back.

"What happened?" Rachel saw the gauze in Marilyn's eyes for the first time. She felt it was ugly, so she didn't laugh because of the presence of Ethan.

"Why are you here?" Seeing the appearance of Rachel, Ethan was surprised and even angry. "How can you come here without my permission?"

Rachel felt wronged. She was afraid that he would forget what had happened before, so she specially reminded him, "Mother Levy asked me to live here. Have you forgotten?"

Ethan didn't care about the woman in front of him. He really didn't remember it for a long time.

"I think you don't need anyone to take care of you now. Just leave!" Said Ethan coldly.

Rachel had expected that Ethan would ask her to leave, so she told him her plan.

"Sister Marilyn took good care of me the other day. Let me take care of her now. You know, men are not as considerate as women." Rachel said sincerely.

Ethan didn't refuse, which meant he acquiesced in her words. Then he settled down Marilyn and invited Dr. Charlie, his most respected doctor, to treat her.

He had thought that Dr. Charlie would think of some methods the doctor had not mentioned before, but after Dr. Charlie arrived, he had the same reaction as other doctors, sighing and shaking his head.

"I'm afraid it's difficult for her to get back to what she used to be. I'll try my best to keep her positive attitude and adjust her autism first." What Dr. Charlie said made Ethan relieved.

After dealing with Ethan, Rachel hid in her room. If Ethan saw her gloating expression, she would have been coaxed out of the apartment by him.

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