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   Chapter 210 Retribution

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"What qualifications do you have to keep her by your side? I want to take her away, and you have no right to stop me." This was the reason why Adam came to Ethan. He couldn't stand it anymore. If he had known that he had made up his mind to let go of Marilyn, he would have reconsidered his original decision.

"I was wrong. I should have held her in my arms so that she wouldn't be treated like this. Don't you feel sorry for her? She can't see anything now. She doesn't even know who I am? " Adam was as sad as Ethan. He was on the verge of breaking down.

The man who roared at Ethan was soon coaxed out of the ward by the doctor.

"The patient needs rest. Please leave here temporarily."

"What kind of patient is he? Do you know what he has done? He didn't do anything when his girlfriend was in danger and missed the best time to rescue. Why did he get sick?"

Adam transferred his emotions to the doctor. In his opinion, no one was more important than Marilyn. If someone hurt her, he would risk his life to fight with her.

"Mr. Ethan, he..."

"Doctor, I think you can leave now. It's our private affair." Ethan interrupted the doctor at once. He knew what the doctor was going to tell him. It was his secret and no one could know it. Even the doctor had just eat short-term amnesia medicine Ethan just put in his cup.

He hoped that the doctor could forget everything that had happened today, including the fact that he had sacrificed his life to save Marilyn.

He didn't need Marilyn's gratitude, nor did he want her to take it as a burden for her whole life. He just wanted to save this person. If she died, probably Ethan wouldn't want to live alone.

The doctor's action had saved the lives of the two people.

The doctor left the ward after hearing what Ethan said. Before he left, he took a look at Adam, but there was something in his eyes that he didn't have the chance to tell him.

"You can leave now. I won't do anything to you. I remember what you said just now. Her life is my life. I will never let her suffer any harm, nor let her leave me."

Ethan made it clear that he refused Adam's request, but he would not vent his anger on him, because he knew in his heart that he was doing this for that poor woman, his poor lover.

Adam didn't appreciate his "tolerance". He knew he couldn't take the woman away this time. His real purpose of coming here was to warn Ethan to try his best to protect her. If he accidentally lost her heart, he would not blame him for taking over.

Ethan knew it, so he wouldn't do anything to Adam, nor would he let his men be rude to him. So he let Adam go.

More than ten guns were aimed at Adam at the same time. What else could he do?

Ethan found another woman from the ruins. He had seen and recognized her, the woman who had kidnapped Marilyn.

"It's you again! Tell me, who took Maril

her in anger.

Elsa smiled unnaturally at the passers-by and distributed the leaflets to everyone passing by.

"Miss, where is the address written on it?" A familiar voice came over Elsa's head. She stiffened and couldn't move.

She felt something was against her waist and she couldn't move or speak.

She had made a deal with Ethan that once she found the person, she would send out a secret signal -- throw away all the leaflets, but before she could react, she was frozen in place by the fully armed Leys.

"Where are you going to hide?" As long as he gently turned his finger, the soft part of his finger would break into two pieces, and Elsa would no longer exist.

Through the telescope, Ethan felt that something was wrong with Elsa, and the man behind her was quite suspicious.

"Everyone, get ready. The big fish is going to take the bait." Ethan sent the message to his men through the secret communication tool, and he kept staring at the two people for a second.

Just as Leys was about to take action, Ethan ordered "fishing". Then a dozen people rushed towards that target at the same time.

The sudden change shocked Leys. "You are plotting against me, aren't you?" He glared at Elsa, trying to kill her with his eyes.

Just as he was about to attack Elsa, a hidden weapon released by a man just hit his eyes, and he couldn't see anything clearly.

But he couldn't find Elsa with his hands. Elsa had escaped far away from him and hid in a safe place.

"Don't touch me!" When Marilyn woke up, she didn't intend to cooperate with Ethan to investigate the whole matter. She completely sealed herself up and didn't let anyone see her heart. She wrapped herself tightly with the quilt and didn't allow anyone to touch her.

The doctor judged from her behavior, "she has a typical autism. It seems that she was stimulated seriously and needs a difficult and long recovery time."

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