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   Chapter 209 On The Verge Of Death

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"Watch the news, Edward!" Ethan informed Edward when he got the news because he had his own difficulties to do it in person.

"Mr. Ethan, the enemy will be here soon. Do you want to order an attack?" He didn't notice that the look on Ethan's face was very bad.

Instead of sending any more information to Edward, Ethan just let him play it by ear. He had no choice but to make a choice in front of the big things.

In the following decades, when he recalled this period of time, there would be pain and regret. But if life gave him another chance to choose, he would still go forward without hesitation.

"Get ready, attack!" said Ethan at once.

The fire shook the heaven and earth. He vented all his anger to enemies to give that woman an explanation.

Marilyn gradually became absent-minded.

"What happened? Why am I so dizzy? " Marilyn couldn't feel her body. It seemed that her hands and feet were not on her body. She even breathed heavily.

"Ethan, is that you?"

Under the effect of the medicine, Marilyn had an illusion.

Marilyn saw that his mouth was bleeding and his face was pale, and there was a big hole in his chest.

"No, Ethan, don't leave me... It's all my fault... " Marilyn cried. She was afraid that he would get close to her. She had never seen him so horrible, and she was even more afraid that he would leave.

Marilyn remembered that Ethan was injured and hospitalized. He was seriously ill and his disease relapsed...

Everything was because of her willfulness. She was painful, sad, guilty...

She bumped her head into Ethan, who was in the illusion, and said, "I'm coming, I'm coming..."

She thought he was going to leave her, so she rushed forward desperately. She wanted to stop him, she wanted to hold him, she wanted...

There was no Ethan there. Marilyn bumped into a hard wall. Her head hit the hard wall with a loud noise, and red flowers instantly blossomed on the wall.

"Are you punishing me? It's all my fault..." Feeling the pain, Marilyn understood that this was a response from Ethan. She thought she couldn't continue to be selfish. "This time, I will make you do as you wish."

She threw her arms to the wall again and again, but she could no longer feel anything. She just mechanically did her own actions.

"Ethan, are you feeling better now? If you feel better, just come back. Come back! "

Without seeing him, Marilyn was on the verge of breaking down. She used her own method to call for the return of the man. She didn't know that even if she screamed, no one would know. She didn't know that she had been locked up in a dark secret place.

Ethan was exceptionally brave. He killed all

As soon as Leys turned on the switch, the bomb in Marilyn's room exploded. He wanted to escape in a hurry. In his opinion, in this critical moment, Ethan would only care about Marilyn's life, and would not care about him at all.

It was not as simple as Leys thought. Ethan was indeed affected by the safety of Marilyn, but he still had other energy to think about something else.

"Block all the exits. I'll let this man pay with blood!"

"Yes, sir!"

The soldiers answered in unison. They were encouraged and swore to seek justice for their Mrs.

Marilyn was soon found, because the room she was in was the most damaged. The wall collapsed and pressed on her. When people found her, she had lost her breath.

Ethan ran to her and called her name, but there was no response.

"Save her, save her at all costs. I want her to live, and she can't leave me!" His sobbing echoed in the sky, and everyone present was touched.

They didn't expect that Marilyn would really escape from death. It was a miracle, and even a little mysterious.

"Don't tell anyone that I donate all my organs to save her!" Said Ethan weakly to the doctor.

"Yes, sir."

Adam rushed to the hospital but he didn't know why Ethan was in the ward, but he didn't care about it. Before anyone could react, Adam had punched at him.

"This is for Marilyn!" Adam didn't let Ethan go. He punched him again. "This is for myself. Why did I trust you to take care of her? Tell me, how do you explain it?"

Ethan wanted to say that he wanted to give his eyes and hands to Marilyn at the same time, but he couldn't. He had his own responsibility and obligation. He was also painful in the face of such a choice.

However, he didn't say anything. He just silently waited for the attack from Adam.

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