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   Chapter 208 Secret Chamber

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Adam was so angry that he lowered his voice and roared, "how dare you ask me? If anything happens to her, I won't spare you." At this time, Adam was no longer the man who was secretly watching Marilyn from behind. He was extremely disappointed in Ethan. He wanted to take the woman back from him if possible.

"You'd better know who you are. You can't judge it!" Shocked by the incident, Ethan was furious at Adam's accusation. His reason told him that Adam was kind-hearted, but he could not control his emotions.

The disappearance of Marilyn brought a blow to Ethan, and his fighting spirit disappeared all of a sudden. He wanted to jump off the car and rush back to Dragon City to find that woman.

But he didn't do that. Instead, he picked up his phone and called Edward.

"You have half a day to find her. Tell me where she is, or..." Ethan didn't want to say that, but it didn't mean that it wouldn't happen. "Or where did someone take her?"

Ethan prayed in his heart that nothing would happen, hoping that the result was his previous imagination.

Adam's words echoed in his mind. He knew very well that the disappearance of Marilyn had something to do with Elsa.

The news of Elsa's disappearance was sent to Adam by her friend. Then, according to his thought, the two must have disappeared at the same time.

Edward left the law office as soon as he received the order. He didn't tell Zia what had happened, and he wouldn't say anything before he had any evidence.

He gathered all his strength and ordered everyone to act secretly. He looked for the places where missing women often appeared and asked them about it through a visit. He even hacked into the internal monitoring to get everything that happened that day.

Marilyn and Elsa were taken away by the men in black. In a coma, Marilyn didn't know what kind of danger she would encounter, nor did she know why the man came for Elsa.

Elsa knew this man very well. The man who had abandoned her came back again.

"How long has it been since you tasted my whip?" The man raised Elsa's chin and said provocatively. He slowly slid the whip soaked in cold water along Elsa's face, bringing the girl a throb, and she couldn't help trembling.

"Cold or scared? Didn't you like me to treat you like this five years ago? "

The man didn't give Elsa a chance to recall. He slapped hard on her beautiful face.

Elsa didn't react. She delayed for a few seconds and let out a painful scream.

"Ah!" Elsa felt that her voice was a little unpleasant to hear, so she bit her lips hard and forced herself not to make any sound. The piercing pain spread all over her body, and her memories were full of her mind.

Elsa, who was sixteen years old, knew Leys, who was twenty-four years old. Seven years ago, she was completely immersed in the beautiful dream weaved by Leys. He taught t

k many pictures of Marilyn who was in a mess and sent them to a mysterious place.

What Marilyn didn't know was that her photos would hit the headlines again in half an hour.

Leys didn't know Ethan's phone number, so he could only use this method to attract his attention.

Marilyn struggled to get up. She couldn't move her legs, so she had to stand up along the pillar. In case she fell down again, she tightly wrapped her arms around the pillar.

"You poor man, will you gain a sense of existence in this way?" Marilyn thought that the other party relied on hurting other people's interests to obtain his own happiness. This was a villain's behavior. She couldn't help but continue, "you are a scum in the society. You must have been abandoned, so you are so distorted in your heart."

Marilyn succeeded in infuriating him. She felt that the rope on her ankle was loosened, so she looked down and found that the man had untied her last tie.

Just as Marilyn thought she was reborn, her mouth and nose were covered by something. Then she couldn't feel her breath and life, and then she lost consciousness.

When Marilyn woke up again, she found herself locked in an airtight room. She felt very dizzy as if she had taken some medicine to help her sleep. She couldn't open her eyelids completely. She could only vaguely see a small window with some light coming in, and the rest of the room was dark.

She tried to stand up and see where she was, but her body was very weak, and she had no strength to do anything. She could only let fate deal with her. She closed her eyes and fell asleep deeply.

Through the monitor, Leys saw the situation in the secret room. He knew that the psychedelic medicine he had applied on the wall had worked.

His show had just begun.

Soon, Ethan started to inspect the location of Marilyn from the news photos. He believed that he would find her soon.

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