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   Chapter 207 Both Of Them Disappeared

Yearning For Your Heart By Xigua Xiong Characters: 9659

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When Marilyn arrived at the bar, Elsa had been crazy for a moment. She clearly saw that most of the wine in Elsa's glass was gone.

"Elsa, long time no see!" Marilyn called her loudly, hoping that the woman could recognize her voice in this noisy environment.

Elsa had been immersed in her memory for a long time, almost forgetting that she still had a cup of Margaret in front of her. When she heard the familiar voice, a smile appeared on her face.

Elsa turned around and stretched out her hand to call her warmly, "Sister Marilyn, you're finally here."

Marilyn thought it was funny. She didn't hide from her on purpose. Why did she say so? But today, she brought the finished design here as an explanation.

"Little girl, you are always surprising. How can you learn to drink at such a young age?" Pointing at the glass on the table, Marilyn sat down next to Elsa and smelled the wine. She frowned and said, "the alcohol smells strong. It's not good for your health."

Marilyn pushed the rest of the wine aside away the left hand of Elsa.

Elsa felt it funny. She covered her mouth and laughed, "how old do you think I am this year?"

Marilyn was stunned. She wondered if she had seen it wrong. In her eyes, Elsa was only seventeen or eight years old. She was just a child. It was inconceivable for Marilyn that she could drink Margaret.

"Eighteen, no more." Marilyn said firmly. She looked at Elsa's face. If she said that the girl was fourteen years old, someone would believe her. She looked too young, and even her voice was the favorite of men.

Marilyn thought that if she was a man, it might be possible for her to confess her love to this lovely girl. Her petite figure gave people the desire to protect her.

"Where is the ring? Give it to me first." Elsa deliberately kept her in suspense and didn't tell her the truth. She stretched out her hand again and asked for something from Marilyn.

Thinking of her purpose of coming here, Marilyn took out an exquisite jewelry box from her bag and gently opened it. The moment the ring box was open, Elsa's eyes widened.

"What did I see? Sister Marilyn. " Elsa didn't know if it was her illusion or not. He even saw a ring that would automatically glow.

With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Marilyn said confidently, "as you can see, the light from the time ring indicates that time begins to circulate from now on."

This was exactly what Elsa wanted. The ring she wanted should have the meaning of time. Memory, present and future were her thoughts about the finished product she had expected, which shocked Elsa at the first sight.

"Yeah, yeah. it's it." Elsa's eyes were dull. She couldn't think of any words to describe her mood. Not only was she excited, but she even felt that she had a treasure.

Seeing that the woman was so excited, Marilyn probably knew that her efforts were not in va

would work. When she was about to open her mouth to call for help, the man suddenly rushed over and grabbed Elsa's arm.

"No, no!" Marilyn didn't intend to let her go. She held the other arm of Elsa and squatted down to increase the gravity of the two people.

The man in black exerted all his strength, but he was unable to take the drunk Elsa away. When he was trying to figure out a way, he saw Marilyn holding Elsa's hand.

"Oh, it's you! Then don't blame me!"

Marilyn felt a heavy stick hit her head and then she knew nothing.

As soon as Ethan arrived at the base, Felix activated him again. Felix felt that Ethan was ready to continue the battle. As for his health...

"Ethan, I'm proud of you and admire you for your great contribution. Since you're ready, I'll leave this difficult task to you." As Felix spoke, he handed a document to him, which contained information about the base of a small country near which harassed A Country recently. He wanted him to be familiar with and control it, so that he could annihilate them in one go.

Ethan nodded and took the document.

Adam couldn't get in touch with Marilyn, because she had promised him to design the ring and return it to the company after handing it to Elsa. However, after a day, he still didn't see her.

He sent people to look for her at her residence and where she might appear, but there was no trace of her everywhere. His intuition told him that the woman he was looking for was in unprecedented danger.

When Ethan received the phone call from Adam, he was on a car heading to the border. Due to the need to hide, they chose a most unnoticeable means of transportation.

"She is missing? When did it happen? "

Hearing the news, Ethan asked Adam in reply. He didn't even have time to tell Marilyn that he was leaving because of this urgent task. It was not until Adam told him that he knew his woman had disappeared for a day.

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