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   Chapter 206 Time Ring

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"I will help you take care of him, so that mother Levy can rest assured." Rachel gave up the idea of adding insult to injury. She knew that Marilyn had received the punishment, and being scolded by Levy was probably the saddest thing for her.

Marilyn held back her tears. She didn't want the woman in front of her to see her weak side. Even if she did something wrong, it had nothing to do with this woman. But her suggestion would do no harm to Marilyn. She knew it.

"But you'd better stay away from him. After all, I can't guarantee that Ethan will be willing to see you when he wakes up." Marilyn whispered in Rachel's ear. She just hoped that Levy wouldn't hate her more because of her words.

Even in this case, Marilyn was unwilling to make herself another person in order to make the man's parents satisfied. She was the original person, the real Marilyn.

After the incident, Marilyn asked the doctor about the dos and don'ts of the patient in ward 12. She knew that her previous mistake was that she was too anxious to take care of him and forgot to ask the attending doctor of Ethan.

The doctor in charge, who was nearly fifty years old, was very generous. He brought some notes to Marilyn, "I always write them down. I hope you can accept it."

The doctor was still insisting on the traditional way of checking the patient. He looked at the doctor and asked carefully. In particular, he was unique in writing. In an era when other doctors deliberately wrote words that were difficult to distinguish, this old doctor had a clear result.

Marilyn quickly took it over and said, "doctor, what are you talking about? It's true that you don't mind me."

The two smiled at each other and Marilyn went back to the ward. She saw that Rachel was about to feed Ethan.

"Rachel, leave it to me!" Without any hesitation, Marilyn took over the position of Rachel and carefully took care of his diet.

Seeing that Rachel was about to leave, Marilyn reminded her, "by the way, the doctor said that his stomach can't bear too greasy food. Don't cook this kind of food in the future. If you feel tired, I'll cook it for him."

Rachel was exasperated. When she was about to lose her temper, Ethan glared at her and forced her to retreat. Rachel felt extremely wronged. At this time, she could not find someone to back her up. It occurred to her that she could not stay here for too long, or one day Ethan would drive her out.

Marilyn was ready to fight for a long time. She moved her luggage to the ward, staying around Ethan all the time.

"Ethan, listen to me. Don't move too much in case the wound hurts again." Marilyn stopped him and told him not to go to the door.

Hearing that, Ethan felt a little embarrassed. He couldn't refuse the kindness of the woman, but he couldn't control the pressure of his bladder.

"I'm going to the bathroom. I'll be there soon." Ethan had no choice but to tell the truth. After all, he had to deal with something urgent.

Blushing, Ma

for a warrior from the bottom of his heart.

It was a great comfort for Felix that Ethan could return to the base in such a short time.

"Please rest assured, sir. I've armed myself to teeth and I'm ready to be manipulated at any time." His voice was so loud that it shocked the whole base. Everyone knew that Mr. Ethan had come back and came to congratulate him.

Some people thought he was not kind enough and didn't agree to let them go to see him.

In fact, this was a deliberate concealment from Ethan. He didn't want his matter to be known by many people.

When Marilyn received the message, she almost forgot one thing.

"Have you forgotten my design? I'm looking forward to your call every day. "

Marilyn ran back home and found the jewelry box on the dressing table. She opened it and found that the Time Ring specially designed for Elsa was lying in it unharmed.

"How could I forget? I've made the finished product according to your requirements. Where are we going? I'll give it to you." Marilyn breathed a sigh of relief. She was happy that it was still there. She almost thought she had thrown it somewhere.

She had promised to hand it over to her on the second day, but it was delayed for a few days because of the matter of Ethan. However, the beautiful things were worth waiting. Marilyn believed that Elsa would not remember her breaking the promise after seeing it.

"Let's make an appointment in a bar. The wine there is intoxicating. It's the best place to appreciate it." After saying that, Elsa burst into laughter. Marilyn always felt sad in her laughter.

Although she was a little strange about the place that Elsa chose, she did not raise any doubts. She believed that there must be a reason for Elsa to choose that noisy place and she agreed without hesitation.

Marilyn didn't tell Ethan about it. Since Ethan had returned to the base, she didn't tell him that she was going to the bar again. She went there and handed the Time Ring to Elsa.

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