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   Chapter 205 Continuous Mistakes

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After hearing that, Marilyn didn't care about the design anymore. She put the ring on the dressing table casually and rushed to the hospital mentioned by Levy.

"Miss, where is the inpatient department?" Marilyn ran to the reception desk directly to ask the nurse on duty because she was too anxious to see the road sign of the hospital. She was so anxious that she wanted to go to Ethan immediately.

"Hello, It is on the eighteen floor!" The nurse's sweet voice did not make Marilyn happy.

She thanked her and ran towards the elevator.

The words "out of order" almost made Marilyn collapse. Her tears rolled down unconsciously.

A family member of a patient saw her and comforted her, "Miss, the elevator will be repaired soon. Don't be too sad."

A little girl beside the person tugged the woman's clothes and said, "Mom, she must be sad because her family is sick. How could it be because of the elevator?"

"Oh, I see." The older woman was suddenly enlightened. She kept patting her own head and said, "I'm getting old, and my brain is not working well."

She turned to Marilyn, hesitated for a while and said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

The little girl couldn't stand it anymore. She pulled her mother aside and apologized to Marilyn.

Hearing the comfort of a stranger, Marilyn was even more depressed. She knocked on the elevator under repair a few times. Her hand was painful, but it didn't work.

She had no choice but to take the stairs.

Marilyn had never thought that she would climb eighteen floors one day. Her legs were so tired that she had no intuition.

If possible, she would fall to the smooth ground and never stand up again. She had to live in this cold place for the rest of her life. From now on, she would no longer feel sad or happy.

However, when she thought that Ethan was still in the ward, Marilyn suddenly had the will to fight. She supported herself against the wall and walked towards the place guided by the nurse step by step. With every step, her heart sank.

At this time, she didn't know how Ethan's condition was, and whether it would be worse than before. Who would take care of Ethan when she was out?

Her sadness had covered up the pain on her legs. What she wanted to do was to find the ward as soon as possible.

When Marilyn found ward 12, she saw someone coming out of the room. She took a closer look and found it was Rachel.

'Why is she here?' Marilyn had doubts in her heart. When Rachel went far, she quickly pushed the door open and walked in.

It was a luxurious ward with shoe shelves. As soon as Marilyn entered, she smelled the disgusting smell of food from the room.

She suddenly realized that when she was away, Rachel took care of Ethan. Marilyn could no longer help looking for the main ward. She knew that Ethan was there.

"Ethan..." Marilyn called his name softly, trying to locate him through his voice.

When Ethan heard the familiar voice in his sleep, he couldn't bear to continue to sleep.

his injury was even more serious.

"Marilyn, I feel a little pain. Call the doctor for me." As Ethan couldn't bear the pain of his wound, he turned to Marilyn for help.

From the morning on, Ethan felt that his body was a little strange. Because his stubbornness and his worries about Marilyn, he did not speak it out. However, at night, the feeling there was getting stronger and stronger, and he couldn't stand it anymore.

"Wait for me. I'll be right there." Marilyn rang the bell at the head of the bed. As soon as there was a sound coming from inside, she hurriedly stated the patient's situation.

"I think the wound might be infected again. Don't move the patient. The doctor will be there soon!" The nurse answered Marilyn's question professionally and tried her best to calm the patient and her family.

When Levy arrived again, Ethan had already entered the operating room.

She looked at Marilyn and her expression became violent. "Are you going to kill him? His wound has been infected once. The doctor has repeatedly warned you not to touch water. Why do you let his wound touch water?"

If it weren't for Rachel, Levy would have rushed up and attacked her.

Tears were welling up in Marilyn's eyes. She didn't expect it to be so serious. She was so careful that she knocked over the glass full of water on the table.

At that time, Ethan told her that it didn't matter. He could change another one. He was not in good health now and asked her not to be lazy.

At that time, Marilyn thought that if he could make a joke, he would be fine. She even thought that he would recover and leave the hospital in a few days.

But because of Marilyn's mistake, Ethan was put in danger again.

Marilyn knew that Levy was right. She didn't want to be wronged. She just felt that she was useless. It was her fault not to take good care of him.

Rachel tried to calm Levy down. "I'll talk to sister Marilyn."

Marilyn raised her head and saw Rachel standing in front of her.

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