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   Chapter 204 An Old Disease Relapsed

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Unable to stop Marilyn from going out, Ethan had to give up persuading her and let her go.

The beach in Hawaii was very beautiful. Some coconut trees were slanted at a great angle, bringing tourists shade. The beach was full of men and women in bikini and beach pants. They laughed and cheered, closed their eyes, and enjoyed the warm gifts brought by the sun. The blue sky and the sea matched each other, making people open their minds immediately and feel that this trip was worthy of it.

Marilyn didn't bring any swimming equipment with her, because she planned to go home as soon as she found what she needed. She was not in the mood to play alone without the company of Ethan.

Her small suitcase contained four bottles of different sizes, which were used to hold the colorful sand unique to the beach in Hawaii. She wanted to pick out the pink one. If she mixed other colors, the beauty of the whole work would be greatly reduced, so it was an exquisite work.

Marilyn put her suitcase in the hotel and took a few bottles and changes with her. There was nothing else. She moved slowly along the beach coastline, carefully observing the state and characteristics of the sand, hoping to find what she wanted.

As a result, things went slowly. She finally found some, but because the color was too dark, she dad to drop it. Even the sand that was close to her expectations would be completely abandoned by her because of the small amount of sand. Because if she found some other color, it would definitely be different, so she simply did not choose.

Lear was a photographer. His job was to travel around and take photos. This time, he came to the tourist resort of Hawaii with the person she liked unexpectedly.

He was photographing the valiant men drifting freely in the sea. When the water splashed to sleep, he pressed the shutter. During this period, he adjusted his focus only for a few seconds, which laid the foundation for him to be able to take wonderful pictures in time.

He shifted the camera slowly and fixed it on a woman squatting on the beach. He could only saw her back.

This woman was especially conspicuous on the beach of Hawaii. Her clothes covered her whole body, which was different from other sexy women. It seemed that she was not enjoying the beautiful scenery and fresh air, but was busy with her work. Sometimes she bent down to touch the sand with her hands, and sometimes she stood straight to find something with her hand cover it.

Her behavior aroused Lear's great curiosity. After taking a few photos, he put away the camera and slowly walked to the woman in the video.

"Excuse me, are you from A Country?" The dress she wore looked familiar, just like a native one. Lear thought it would be a good experience to meet a native here.

Hearing the familiar language, Marilyn immediately put down her work and turned around. "Yes, I'm from A Country."

When her face was facing Lear, he could see her clearly. He was so excited that he spoke

of the apartment. Her relationship with Ethan didn't allow anyone to sow dissension between them.

After saying goodbye to Lear, Marilyn hurried to Dragon City. There was a direct flight to Dragon City, but it was difficult to take the flight that day because of the limited number of flights.

"I can help you, because my relatives are in the space Bureau." Lear lied. He just hoped that Marilyn could rest assured to let him deal with it, but he used his own life to act.

After returning home, Marilyn immediately devoted herself to her design. She put the sand she had collected into a sealed bag. The next step was to use pure gold to make the sand clock model.

The gold ornaments were easily melted and distorted, so the process of making the model was not difficult. It didn't take long for Marilyn to finish the product.

She fulfilled Elsa's request and didn't show it to anyone. Even if she couldn't help but, she didn't show it immediately. Instead, she carefully put it in a jewelry box, thinking that she would give it to Elsa the second day.

At this time, her phone rang. Marilyn quickly answered it, because she saw the words "Mother Levy" in the caller's name. Although she had never called her like this, she felt that it was very suitable to call her like this.

"Miss Marilyn, I don't care what you are busy with. Since Ethan is so sick, can't you come and have a look?" At first, Levy didn't want to call Marilyn, but her son always called her name in a daze. She had no choice but to call her patiently.

Only then did Marilyn understand why his tone was so weak before. She felt so sorry for him. As his girlfriend, she didn't even know such a thing at the first time. She felt that she was a failure.

"Auntie, what's wrong with him?" Marilyn calmed down and asked Levy about Ethan.

"The doctor said there was a relapse of the old disease. I hope you can appear here immediately." After saying that, Levy hung up the phone and didn't talk to her anymore.

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