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   Chapter 202 A Photographer

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"I don't like the food she cooks." Marilyn said with grievance.

It was not her character to make trouble on purpose. She thought she was just talking about the matter.

Ethan called her to his side and continued, "you really should change your temper. Even if she has done something excessive before, she makes up by actual actions. She is willing to shake hands with you, which means she understand the situation. You should give her another chance."

Marilyn shook her head, "no, I won't." Then she sat on the bed and couldn't get up anymore.

He unbuttoned his first button and pulled his clothes to breathe smoothly. His mood was very complicated now. He had no way to deal with the secret struggle between the two women. He is a powerful man and was cruel and could deal with his enemies easily, but now he was in trouble.

He had no choice but to leave the bedroom and return to the table.

"Does sister Marilyn not going to eat? Is the food I cooked so bad? " Rachel expressed her grievance to Ethan. She felt that all her efforts were in vain.

After drinking up the bowl of soup in front of him, he stood up and said, "it's good. She's just not hungry."

Although he said so, he didn't eat the food. Without Marilyn by his side, he was not in the mood to taste it.

Although he knew it would embarrass Rachel, he had no choice but to obey his inner choice.

Rachel was extremely embarrassed. On the first day she came here, she was stood up by the host and hostess. She felt that she would not stay here for long, because she only had the support from Levy.

Marilyn didn't eat much and went back to her bedroom. She thought that at least he would persuade her. But the man gave up halfway and left her alone.

"Purr..." In the middle of the night, Marilyn's stomach was screaming loudly. She felt that she was awakened by this loud noise, not by hunger.

She slowly got up from the bed. She wanted to see her cell phone to cultivate her sleepiness and continue to dream, but she couldn't fall asleep.

The hungry woman sneaked into the kitchen to look for something to eat while everyone was sleeping in the dark.

She didn't ask for too much. She thought that if she could find an egg, she would cook it as soon as possible. If not, she could eat some biscuits casually.

However, as soon as she came to the kitchen and turned on the light, Marilyn was shocked.

The table was full of delicious food. Her favorite roast duck occupied the middle of the table. There were some dishes of cold mixed food and fresh fruit juice to remove the greasy. Marilyn felt that she had come to heaven.

"Who knows me so well? Who knows I will be hungry?" Thinking of this, Marilyn said out.

A magnetic voice came from behind her, "idiot, eat something if you are hungry."

Marilyn knew it was him, so she was not surprised. She was so excited that she couldn't control herself. She happily jumped to the side of Ethan and gave him a kiss

ut to stop. He was a little depressed. While the passenger was enjoying the shooting, he stopped by the side of the road. "Miss, I'm going to hand over the car. How about you change a car?"

The driver was afraid that he couldn't come back after driving too far, so he found an excuse.

Marilyn was a smart woman. She gave the driver money and got out of the car, because this empty place was the best place to observe the sunset.

Marilyn took a few photos of the red sky, and she was even more excited. She thought that if she showed this photo to the teacher on the second day, she might graduate successfully.

However, before she got up on the second day, she had a headache because of the constant phone call.


"You've become a superstar. Hurry up. Open the website."

A friend called Marilyn, but Marilyn was still in a daze. She didn't understand what the person on the phone meant, so she turned on the computer as she asked.

Before she opened the website, a window popped up, "A man is looking for the lover in his dream, hoping the person who knows it to provide information.".

This notice didn't attract the attention of Marilyn, and she was completely immune to such news.

She opened the website and found that the photos in the front page news were very familiar. When she opened it to maximize the size, she found that the person was herself. And when someone took this photo, she was looking up at the stars in the sky.

Although it was late at night, her face was exposed to the light.

When she read the news carefully, she was completely frozen by the words in front of her.

It never occurred to her that someone would upload the picture and regarded her as his dream lover in this ubiquitous Internet.

The news spread quickly and even all the staff in her company knew it.

The first person that came to Marilyn's mind was Ethan. She didn't know how the man would react when he saw the news and what he would do.

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