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   Chapter 201 Uninvited

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Marilyn had been thinking about the design drawing and couldn't even eat. Lena specially made Chicken Soup for her especially when she saw Marilyn get thinner and thinner.

"Thank you for your concern, but I am really not hungry." Marilyn looked at the empty seat next to her with a worried look.

Lena took the bowl in front of Marilyn away and changed it into a new one. "It's hot. It's not good for your stomach to eat too much cold." She put the soup back in front of Marilyn, but was pushed far away.

Marilyn frowned and shook her head. She didn't want to taste it at all.

Every word echoed in the mansion. Marilyn felt dizzy.

She heard so many voices intertwined in her mind that she couldn't think normally. She couldn't find any solution to the task given by Adam.

It had been a week since the task was released, and there were still no lines on her draft paper. It was the most difficult for her to start.

"Is it because Mr. Ethan is not here that you can't eat?" Lena asked tentatively.

She didn't admit that it was her own cooking problem. Although she was not well-educated, she was quite confident in the only skill she could use. She didn't want anyone to be unable to eat her food because the food didn't taste good.

Marilyn shook her head, "No. I've been troubled by something recently and can't find a way to break it."

Although the matter of Ethan had some impact on her, the most important thing was that she was unable to calm down to recover her desire for creation, which was the reason why she was so painful at present.

Lena breathed a sigh of relief and changed her tone, "in this case, you should eat more food, so that you can have the strength to solve the problem!"

Lena was as patient as a mother who cared about her child. She took good care of Marilyn.

Marilyn's phone rang. Adam called her. In order not to have to deal with Lena, she answered the phone without thinking.

"Have you eaten yet?" Adam greeted.

Looking at the untouched food in front of her, Marilyn said "No." Then she regretted. She knew that the person who called her was just being polite and didn't really want to know.

Adam chuckled from the other end of the line. He had never seen Marilyn so silly and honest, so he asked naturally, "since you don't have any, then let's go out to have dinner together. I'm going to book a seat now and I have something to tell you."

Before Marilyn could refuse, he hung up the phone. Marilyn was stunned. She didn't dare to look at Lena's expression.

After all, this aunt had cooked a table of delicious food for her, but she told others that she hadn't eaten anything and had to go out to eat together.

"Lena, I..." Marilyn wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. She felt that she was too willful and might hurt others unconsciously.

Unexpectedly, Lena wore a smile on her face. She quickly came over and untied the napkin t

"My mother has something to deal with abroad recently, and my father is left at home. She is worried about him, so she called Lena back." Ethan explained to Marilyn.

Marilyn was a little disappointed. It seemed that there were only the two of them and an uninvited woman in the family.

"What about our dinner?" Marilyn asked. She didn't want to cook for Rachel, although she couldn't drive her away or take care of her.

After thinking for a while, Ethan looked at Rachel who was packing in another room through the door. He raised his head and asked, "isn't she good at doing it?"

It suddenly occurred to Marilyn that Rachel entered the Lan mansion as a maid. Such a trifle should not be difficult for her.

Although Marilyn said so, she was still a little reluctant. She had eaten the food cooked by Rachel, Rachel would always put a lot of flavoring in it. She couldn't bear the taste most, and she was allergic to a large amount of it.

It was not until she had dinner that she realized that it was impossible for her to live in peace with Rachel.

Marilyn scooped up a spoonful of soup, put it into her mouth and sprayed it out immediately.

"What's this smell? Why is it so strong?" Marilyn didn't hide anything. She wiped her mouth and glared at Rachel.

Dissatisfaction appeared on Ethan's face. He didn't expect that Rachel would do such a thing on the first day she came. But he couldn't say anything without evidence, so he took a sip like Marilyn.

However, he didn't feel anything wrong. Instead, he thought it was not bad. At this time, he began to feel confused about Marilyn.

Before Ethan could react, Marilyn stood up. She pushed the chair away and said, "since this dish is not for me, I don't need to stay any longer. Enjoy yourselves!" Then she left the table.

"What's wrong with you? Even I was almost cheated by you. Think about how to be an excellent Mistress." He asked, striding to Marilyn angrily.

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