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   Chapter 199 Rescue A Suicide

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After arriving at the site with Marilyn, they knew how serious the situation was.

Half of Rachel's body hung outside the building, and people gradually gathered to look up at the danger. Most of them were taking photos, and a few of them were shouting at the young woman.

"Hold on! Hold on!" Some people cried anxiously. They knew that once this person let go of her hands, her life would end.

As requested by Rachel, there was no protective device placed downstairs. Only dozens of people were ready to take action, waiting for the order to instantly open the net. But they knew how strong the impact would be if someone fell from the twentieth floor. It might not even break through the steel, let alone the vulnerable fishing net.

As soon as Ethan arrived at the scene, he was stared at by a policeman.

"Mr. Ethan, is that you?" The policeman took the record book and began to register what happened at the scene. An incredible expression appeared on his face. "I feel familiar with the name. I didn't expect that it is really you. How could you have anything to do with such a woman?"

The young policeman was somewhat ignorant. When he knew that the woman who wanted to jump off the building mentioned Ethan, he couldn't help but feel gossipy. He put his business aside, but was interested in their story.

"I think it's my private affair. How is the woman?" Ethan didn't give the man any chance to inquire about the news. He came here only to save people, not to chat with insignificant people here.

"Well...". The policeman looked up at the top of the building. There was only a shadow outside. He quickly pushed his eyes to make sure what he saw was true. "It seems that the situation is not good. Hurry up, follow me!"

The young man talked to the policeman who was responsible for persuading Rachel on the top floor, saying that there was nothing wrong with the other side just now. He did not expect such a situation to happen in just a few minutes.

Hearing the police's exclamation, Marilyn looked in his direction and was frightened.

"Ethan, look!" Shouted Marilyn.

The bearded police on the top floor was helpless. He had made many promises to the woman, but they couldn't fulfill them in time, which made Rachel lose confidence. She was about to jump off the building, but the police caught her quickly.

However, Rachel was still struggling. She tried her best to shout, "if you don't bring Ethan to see me, let me die!"

"Miss, you come up first. We have something to talk." Blue veins stood out on the policeman's arm. He held her hands tightly with one hand, and pressed the intercom with the other hand.

A good news came through the intercom, "boss, Ethan has arrived. I'll take him upstairs now."

"Hurry up!" The bearded police threw it away as soon as he finished his words. He put both his hands on the woman's hands. The helper he called hadn't arrived yet, so he must hold on before that.

"Do you hear me? The person you want to see is here. Listen to me. Go to see h

He didn't expect her to rush towards him, which made him very unhappy.

However, the matter of saving people was imminent. He was not a cold-blooded person. Since he had come, he had to take saving people as the first principle.

Ethan replied "yes" against his will.

Marilyn had been waiting anxiously downstairs. She had imagined many scenes when they would appear, but she didn't expect that Rachel would be held half way down the stairs by Ethan.

"Ethan, I'm not cold. Here you are."

On the rooftop, in order to prove his "sincerity", Ethan took off his coat and put it on Rachel, which made Rachel completely remove her armor and agree to go downstairs with him to give up the idea of suicide.

Seeing Marilyn not far away, Ethan wanted to say hello to her and tell her that they could leave soon.

Without getting a reply from Ethan, Rachel thought he was refusing to put on his coat.

She was so happy that she put on his clothes again. "Your clothes are so warm. I don't think I will catch a cold for the rest of my life." Then she lay on the shoulder of Ethan.

Marilyn looked at them from a distance. Her heart was completely cold. At this time, she didn't need any explanation. She just wanted to find a place to calm down alone.

Just as she was about to leave, Ethan stopped her.

"Stop! Where are you going?" He let go of Rachel and walked towards Marilyn. He didn't allow this woman to continue to escape from him.

"I think I can leave as long as she is fine." Although Marilyn said so, she was neither happy nor relieved.

How could Marilyn rest assured when Rachel was here? She was just too sad to let others laugh at her.

"I'll go with you after I finish it." Ethan pinched her hand and let it go. He turned to Rachel.

After saying something to Rachel, the man's face darkened and turned red again.

"You can leave now. I won't spoil myself anymore," said Rachel.

Marilyn heard what Rachel said clearly, but she didn't know how she would let him go so easily.

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