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   Chapter 198 Wake Up

Yearning For Your Heart By Xigua Xiong Characters: 9909

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"She just fell asleep." Elsa gave up explaining and told the truth.

Ethan took a deep breath and relaxed himself. "If anything happens to her, I'll blame you!" After giving the last warning to her, Ethan was about to leave with Marilyn in his arms.

"No, she can't leave here." Elsa tried to stop Ethan again. All she wanted was Marilyn to stay, regardless of how strong the man in front of her was.

While they were fighting, Marilyn woke up from her dream. "Elsa, my head hurts. What's in the wine?"

Elsa was stunned. She looked at Ethan and hoped that he didn't hear anything, but it was just a hope.

"Well, to tell you the truth, the wine was mixed with..."

"What? You said you drugged her? Who gave you the courage to do that?" Ethan grabbed the woman's wrist and bent it to a painful angle, while Marilyn in his arms continued to lie down.

"Water? I mean water. I just added some water to the wine." Elsa pitifully looked at Marilyn, hoping that the beautiful girl could plead for her for the sake of taking her in for one night.

Marilyn took back her hand hesitantly. She was still angry with him, but she couldn't catch up with the change.

"Ethan, let her go. Maybe what she said is true."

"It's true, it's true." Elsa told the lie so decisively that even Marilyn felt that she didn't lie.

After hesitating for a while, Ethan finally let go of her. "Listen, if I find out that you lied, I think your hand will not be as complete as it is now."

"Ouch!" The woman gasped in pain.

Due to the great strength of Ethan, Elsa felt her hand was in pain. Her hands were trembling, but she still insisted on keeping Marilyn to stay.

"Elsa, I just saved you out of kindness. Why do you return kindness with enmity?" Marilyn woke up from a big dream. She jumped out of Ethan's arms and walked to the woman.

Different from yesterday's messy clothes, Elsa, who had been well dressed, looked lovely. Her smart eyes were shining, like a lost little animal looking for the warmth of home.

Marilyn felt that her words were a little harsh. She asked again, "what benefits will you get if I stay?"

"I... I..." Elsa couldn't say a reason, but she just asked Marilyn to stay without reason. She felt that she would be laughed at if she said it.

"I'd like to hear your reason." Ethan said jokingly. His tone was evil and intimidating.

"Have you found her?"

Adam followed him in and saw Marilyn leaning against him.

"How about you?" Ignoring the man's jealous eyes, Adam looked straight at the delicate woman.

Marilyn nodded and shook her head, smiling apologetically at him.

Elsa was frightened by Ethan. When she saw someone come in, she quickly hid behind him.

"Wasn't you brave just now? Why don't you dare to tell me now? " Ethan said to Elsa, which made Adam didn't know what to do.

"What's wrong? Why do you hide?" Adam suddenly turned around, which made Elsa's breath stop. He didn't understand the current s

le, do you think he will really come?" Rachel shouted at the police. She had put her hand on the handrail and stretched out her legs.

"Listen to me, you are still young. Don't give up your precious life just because of a temporary loss." The policeman persuaded her kindly. He didn't dare to pull her. He was afraid that he would make a fool of herself if he was not careful enough to frighten her.

Tears streamed down Rachel's face. She shook her head and said, "you know nothing!"

"What happened? Maybe I can help you." The police wouldn't give up. He took every task target as his family and tried his best to soften the other party's heart with the most considerate words.

"You? Ha-ha No one can touch me except him. No way! " Rachel laughed bitterly as if she had heard a funny joke. Her voice became louder and louder, which startled the kitten in the corner and frightened it to run around.

The policeman comforted her as much as possible, and then winked at his colleagues outside the room, asking him to urge Ethan.

Rachel didn't allow the bed to be filled with air. She observed everything downstairs, and any movement would frighten her.

Ethan took Marilyn to the high-rise building where the hotel was located.

When Rachel woke up and she found herself lying on a big bed, half naked. She felt sore and uncomfortable all over her body. When she came out of the bathroom, she kept shouting and calling everyone over. She swore to turn the hotel upside down to find the two men who assaulted her.

The owner of the hotel let her down and told her that there was no monitoring in the hotel room in order to absolutely protect the privacy of the guest. This news made her desperate. She immediately climbed from the stairs to the top floor, and the owner followed called the police.

Rachel was heartbroken, but she was still wondering if she could see Ethan one more time. She endured the pain and waited for the police to come to negotiate.

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