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   Chapter 197 Hiding For No Reason

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Adam also hurried to Elsa's apartment. He wanted to find the woman before Ethan could find her. He wondered if she would take one more look at him.

He thought too much that he wasted time on the way. When he arrived at that place, he found that Ethan was staring at the door of the apartment with a frown.

"How did you know this place?" Adam thought he was the only one who knew the truth, but the man in front of him took the lead.

"Where is she?" Adam continued to ask.

Taking his hand out of his pocket, Ethan paced for a few seconds and said, "she should be inside." He thought it was not appropriate for him to break in directly because she was just a guest here.

Adam took a closer look at the tools on the ground. It seemed that Ethan had been struggling in his mind for a long time. If he went in directly like this, it was hard to guarantee that he would be convicted of damaging the girl's reputation, which did not have a good impact on Marilyn.

However, this short period of time had brought him a lot of pressure. He didn't know if the people in the room were all right, so he could only wait here.

Ethan waved his hand and didn't say anything, giving Adam time to think.

Rachel was still waiting there. She thought everything would be fine as long as she tricked Ethan here, but the medicine she got from the black market had not been used yet, and Ethan had disappeared.

One day before, on the day when Ethan and Marilyn quarreled and Rachel was about to bring the coffee into the room, she saw the two of them break up in discord. Rachel would have planned to spill the coffee on Marilyn by accident, forcing her to leave home and change her clothes, but Marilyn left after the quarrel.

Rachel took the opportunity to linger around Ethan for a while.

"What is it?" Seeing that Rachel wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought, Ethan knew that she must have something to say, probably because she didn't dare to say it because he was in a bad mood.

Rachel seized the chance and said, "there's a party. I don't know if I should help you cancel it. After all, the guests are all big shots. It seems that Mr. Adam is also among the guests."

The affair between Marilyn and Adam had been heard by Rachel for some time. She didn't know how to take advantage of Marilyn and the chance came up.

"Yes, why not? I don't care about other people's face, but Adam's. " Said Ethan coldly. His eyes were half closed, and his fists clenched with a terrifying sound.

The guests didn't need to take their companion to attend the party, but Ethan just brought his secretary in. The gossip spread the news to Marilyn "by accident".

Ethan didn't know that so many things had happened in a place he couldn't see, and Rachel was also kept in the dark.

She didn't want Marilyn to ruin her original plan. She wanted to win over Ethan at the banquet, so the news ha

't answer him. She looked at another man who was standing straight and asked, "who are you? Why are you here?"

"I think you'd better not pretend to be confused. Where is the woman you brought back? We've been looking for her the whole night." Adam didn't act as rashly as Ethan, but explained the matter slowly.

Only then did Elsa know why the two men came. She had a good impression of this gentle man. After all, he was polite to her. As for the man who rushed in, she hated him from the bottom of her heart.

"Elsa?" Adam called her and reminded her to do what she should do. He wanted to check if Marilyn was safe and sound as soon as possible.

"You called me? How do you know my name? " Elsa was even more surprised. She couldn't think anymore and even her breath became heavy.

"Where on earth did you hide her?" A man's irritable voice came from the room. Elsa remembered that someone had just broken in without permission.

Elsa didn't ask Adam anymore. She turned around and walked into the room.

"Please leave my house. I don't have anyone here." Elsa pulled Ethan's arm hard, but she couldn't shake him.

"Don't try to escape from me. She must be here with you!" Ethan pushed Elsa away again.

His eyes were as red as bloodthirsty. His extremely affirmative tone made Elsa at a loss. She wanted to find other reasons to let this man go out of her house, but she couldn't say anything because her brain stopped working.

Elsa inadvertently glanced at the wardrobe, but was seen through by Ethan in a second.

Before the woman could say anything, he opened the wardrobe and found Marilyn lying quietly inside.

"What do you want to say?" Ethan was furious. He had raised his fist and was about to hit the evildoer hard.

Ethan picked up the unconscious woman and checked her breath with his fingers. He didn't find anything unusual. He looked at Elsa suspiciously, hoping to get an explanation from her.

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