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   Chapter 195 A Drunk Woman

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Marilyn rolled up her sleeves, ready to fight. The man was shocked. He thought that this woman came to him voluntarily and he decided to take advantage of her, so he pounced on her. Unexpectedly, this woman took moves and hit the man's that place.

"I can't see that you are so strong." The man covered his wound and couldn't stand up straight. "I won't let you go easily!" Even so, he had to teach this ignorant woman a lesson.

The man spat on the ground, struggled to stand up, and once again tried to bully Marilyn.

Instead of sitting still and waiting for death, Marilyn picked up the broom in the bathroom as a weapon and gave the man a hard blow on the head.

"Ah!" The man screamed and dodged to the other side.

Before the man could react, Marilyn took the broom over her head again, pretending to hit him again.

The man couldn't stand it anymore. He sneaked out of the ladies' room and ran away.

The drunk woman was still shouting. She couldn't know what had happened, but felt that there was less fear in the air. She thought that her roar frightened the evil man.

"Hurry up. I'll take you away." Marilyn grabbed the woman, only to find that she had overestimated her ability. She tried her best, but failed to move her.

"Move quickly. We have to leave as soon as possible. Who knows if that bad guy will go to find help!" Marilyn shook the woman's body to wake her up.

The woman was still ambiguous, saying something that Marilyn couldn't understand. "Well, ah... No way... Stop! " The woman was still pushing Marilyn who saved her away.

Regardless of anything else, Marilyn pulled the woman's hand and walked towards the door.

This time, the woman seemed to know the current situation. She took off her guard and followed Marilyn slowly. "Let me tell you! Don't think that this is my compromise. I'm doing this for your sake. You look good. " The woman said flirtatiously and touched Marilyn.

Marilyn didn't fight back because she didn't want to argue with the drunk.

To her surprise, the woman became more and more aggressive. She even climbed up to Marilyn's body, making her unable to move.

"Although we are both women, we are strangers. Isn't it appropriate for you to do this?" Embarrassed, Marilyn stood still. She knew that if she turned around and pushed her away, she would definitely make the other party fall hard. It was not good if she hit anywhere.

Marilyn didn't move, and the woman clung to her more closely. "You just touched me. Why are you so reserved now? Why are you so capricious like a woman? "

Marilyn wanted to give her a punch to bring her back to her senses, but her sanity stopped her.

She was afraid that if she beat her up, the good thing would become a bad thing.

"Don't say that. Tell me where your home is. I'll drive you home!" Marilyn wanted to leave this woman at a place where she could rest assured and go to find Ethan.

The woman smiled playfully, "well, I know you have this idea. Come over."

The woman curled her finger and whistled

the surveillance videos of all areas within the time period that Adam had mentioned.

"When did you see her for the last time?" Ethan cornered him and asked again.

Adam took his hand away and said with a strong momentum, "you don't have to do this to me. I'm also worried about her safety. I think we can temporarily stop the battle and go to find her together."

Ethan was a little mad about Marilyn's disappearance. Adam gave Ethan a reason to settle down.

Ethan agreed with Adam's suggestion and suggested the monitoring room to confirm the time again. He also told them not to miss any details.

Ethan had no time to watch the surveillance video. He had to act separately with the person in charge of the hotel. What he needed to do was to search around immediately.

He was sure that Marilyn wouldn't leave Dragon City in such a short time.

As long as it was still in his territory, he could find her even if he dug three feet into the ground. For the time being, it was only a matter of time.

Marilyn followed the woman to her residence. The driver stopped the car and told them the car fee.

"It is thirty-eight dollars in total." He reached out his hand to the drunk girl. Instinctively, he felt that the drunk had to pay the bill to go to this place. He couldn't let the good person feel cold.

The woman ignored the driver. She turned her head to the other side and looked around, thinking about something.

Marilyn wanted to pay the money and leave as soon as possible. She searched her whole body, but didn't find any coin. She suddenly found that her mobile phone had gone somewhere.

She looked at that woman for help, hoping that she could be normal at this time. She had to pay before getting out of the car.

But the woman didn't respond. Her casual attitude made the driver angry. The driver locked the car and told them that no one could leave without money.

Marilyn was shocked. She remembered that she heard from Lena that a driver murdered a female passenger this morning.

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