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   Chapter 194 Nowhere To Hide

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"Miss, I think it's a misunderstanding." Lena wanted to make the last struggle. In her heart, Mr. Ethan was not such a person.

"There is nothing to be misunderstood. The fact is clear. If I don't take some measures, I'm afraid that someone else will take him away." Marilyn said through gritted teeth.

Marilyn had been waiting for the choice of others all the time, and finally became homeless. As she grew up, she realized that she couldn't just wait. Sometimes she had to learn to take the initiative.

"Miss, do you want to..."

"Yes! Prepare a car for me now. I'll be there before the party officially starts. "

The party in the company didn't invite Marilyn. She thought it was normal, but the man asked Rachel as his female companion. She couldn't stand it.

Marilyn thought that Ethan could simply ask her to accompany or attend the party alone. She didn't think that being alone would only affect his mood, unless his mind had changed and he was no longer the man she knew.

Marilyn didn't say anything in the group chat on WeChat, but someone helped her a lot. Someone shared all the information and address of the banquet, and Marilyn had a different view of the person who like gossips.

"You can go and have a look. Maybe there is some misunderstanding." Although Lena didn't know who took the photo, she didn't like the person who sent it out.

Fortunately, Lena was confident that Ethan wouldn't let everyone down, so she listened to Marilyn and prepared a car for her.

The party was held next to Ethan's company. Marilyn arrived in less than ten minutes.

"You don't have to wait for me here. I can take a taxi when I go back." Marilyn arranged the driver and walked towards the banquet gate.

Marilyn could have chosen to take a taxi here. She was afraid that it would take too much time on the way, so she had to bother the driver.

Hearing that, the driver turned around and left. He didn't see that Marilyn was stopped outside the banquet hall.

"I'm sorry, miss. You can't enter without the invitation." The registry staff at the door stopped Marilyn. She was familiar with Marilyn, because she almost lost her job because of Marilyn, and she kept it in mind.

"You should know that I come here to look for someone. Can't you make an exception?" Marilyn thought it would be easy to use a friendship card, but the woman ignored her more and went to greet other guests.

Marilyn tried several times to break in, but was stopped. The registry staff thought this was not a good way, so she called the security guards who were maintaining order in the infirmary through the intercom.

"Lucy, where is the person you are talking about?" The two security guards rushed over the nearest gate. They first greeted Lucy, the subordinate of the logistics department.

Lucy pointed at the aggrieved woman and became a little impatient.

"Stop her and don't let her in. You'll pay if she ruined the party!" Lucy's words scared the two new security guards.


d and walked towards the place where the noise happened.

"Let go of her, or I'll teach you a lesson." Marilyn thought that if fierce words could scare the man away, she would save a lot of strength.

No one listened to her, because after Marilyn finished speaking, no one came out of the cubicle.

Marilyn walked inside slowly and opened a crack in the cubicle.

A drunken woman, half naked, lay beside the toilet and leaned against it, looking a little drunk.

"Don't tickle me anymore. I can drink more. Come on..." The woman made a posture of holding wine and showed it to the man who was about to cheat.

Marilyn felt very embarrassed. She didn't know if the two people knew each other or not, but she rushed in regardless of anything.

The woman's clothes had been completely taken off by the man, but she still pushed him unconsciously.

When the man saw someone coming, he immediately stopped his action. "Who are you? How dare you destroy my good plan?" Marilyn looked at his vicious eyes and began to be afraid.

"Who are you? Isn't it a little bit rude to treat a drunk girl like this?"

Through the man's own description, Shu Menglei was almost sure that this man was not a good person, and this woman must be a victim.

The man was exasperated. "It's none of your business here." He pushed the drunk girl and walked straight to Marilyn.

"Do you want to attract my attention when you talk to me like this?"

It seemed that the man had changed his target and jumped towards the place where Marilyn was standing.

"What do you want?" Marilyn put her arms around her chest, trying her best to protect herself.

At this moment, Marilyn didn't idle away either. She shouted at the drunk girl and asked her to run away. The girl ignored Marilyn's shout because she drank too much.

"Eh? Come to me if you can. Don't hurt others! " The drunk girl felt that the man had left her body and felt that something was wrong, so she tried to shout to attract his attention.

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