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   Chapter 189 But We Loved Each Other

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The cable car glided steadily in the air. Marilyn looked down at the crowd below. It was so dark that she could only see the head of the people. What she could see was that they didn't have a human figure. All of them were friends or couples. She couldn't look directly at Adam, who was sitting opposite her. She always felt that this friend was looking at her with burning eyes.

Adam wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. Marilyn put her legs on the seat and held her chest. She was trying to avoid something. She knew clearly that she had been very worried about what had happened to Ethan. She couldn't let Adam jump into this emotional vortex.

Marilyn was unprepared when she saw Ethan jump in, because at this time, Adam stood up and approached her. She moved aside instinctively. Just as her body touched the door, a figure slipped in. Due to the deviation of the center of gravity, there was a certain degree of vibration in the cable car. All the people in the car could not sit steadily, so they grasped the handrails and half stood up.

Miranda, who had already unfastened her seat belt secretly, was shocked and bumped backwards. Seeing that the situation was not right, Adam had no time to care about who broke in. He just wanted to protect her, so he loosened his grip on the handrails and jumped in the opposite direction. However, it was too late, and Ethan quickly stopped her.

"Ethan?" The woman's heart stopped beating at this moment, and time seemed to be stopped. The person she was thinking of were right in front of her. She wanted to ask him why he went to see Rachel alone. "Ethan, are you crazy? Don't you know how dangerous it is? Why are you so childish? "

Realizing what he had just done, Marilyn couldn't restrain her excitement and scolded him.

Ethan let go of his hand and let her slide down to the seat, but he stood straight in the middle, just separating the man and the woman.

"That's why you didn't come back all night, right?" As soon as he put down Marilyn safely, he asked. He didn't feel ashamed or scared for his impulsive behavior just now. Now his anger was uncontrollably spurting out.


The burst fireworks in the air covered the voice of Marilyn. The beautiful color made the whole sky bright, like daytime. Looking through the window, Marilyn saw a dozen fireworks were set off in order, which added some beauty and loveliness to the deep night. Just when they felt that the banquet was about to end, a big news appeared in the sky.

The words read "Marilyn, I love you", which made Marilyn feel like being struck by lightning, and her heart was stirred into an imperceptible spark.

No matter who expressed her love in this romantic place, she would be happy. At this time, Marilyn seemed to have forgotten that Ethan was also watching the fascinating fireworks

est to draw a clear line between them when facing the same woman. At that time, he should have threatened or warned him instead of persuading him kindly. Ethan devalued his position in Adam's heart.

When Adam left the amusement park, it was already late at night. There was no one in the previously bustling place as the night fell. He wanted to stay here quietly, unwilling to go anywhere. Now he was not allowed to move a step, and he had no strength to lift heavy steps.

"Mr. Adam, we're closed. We have to turn off the lights. You can't stay here." The administrator had already seen through everything. Although he didn't know what had happened to Adam, he was asked by Adam to set off the fireworks.

As soon as the cable car started running, Adam gave a note to the administrator with a check in the middle. The administrator didn't have a look at the amount on it, but the final signature shocked him.

He had never thought that such a big shot as Adam would appear in this ordinary amusement park. And Adam even gave him a note in a hurry, which said, "when the cable car soars into the sky, call this number and let him start his plan. Don't care about anything else."

It was not for the sake of money. Even if it was only a signature, the administrator would do it, because he didn't want to offend someone he couldn't offend.

Adam became famous in his teens. At that time, he was sixteen years old. Relying on his unique insight and profound knowledge, he stood out in the election.

Later, he started to run a company. He almost lost his life in the process of catching an escaping enemy. Now there was a scar on his chest. At that time, he was young and arrogant, and he believed too much in his own ability.

The administrator was trembling with fear when he talked to Adam. But Adam didn't do anything to him. He stood up, patted the dust on his body and left silently.

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