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   Chapter 187 Happy Birthday

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After moving back to the apartment, Marilyn was in a much better mood. Without that woman who often moved around Ethan, she felt that the water she drank was sweet.

Lena had been caring about her grandson these days, so she hadn't come over. They had to cook by themselves for the time being.

"What do we have for dinner?" Resting her chin on her hand, Marilyn tilted her head and asked Ethan who was studying jigsaws, "what are you doing?" She picked up a piece of puzzle and looked at it carefully. She didn't find anything on it, so she looked at the box but found nothing on it either.

"When I finish it, you will know what it is. I have to keep it a secret before that." Ethan picked up a piece and compared it with the left and right. Then he found a suitable position and put it on, with a satisfied smile on his face.

"Forget it. Are we going out again tonight?" Marilyn gave up her study on the jigsaw puzzle and crawled to the side of Ethan. The silk bed sheets was brought with a large piece, revealing more than half of the mattress. She looked back and jumped out of the bed quickly to pull it. "I'm really tired of the food in that restaurant. I'm sick of the lobster and fish wings. Do you have a good plan?"

After thinking about the jigsaw puzzle for a while, Ethan didn't raise his head but answered perfunctorily, "it's up to you. I like whatever you like."

He had put too much attention into the game, so he didn't notice that Marilyn's face darkened.

"Well, I'm going to the company this afternoon. Would you like to have dinner by yourself?" Marilyn put down the bed sheet, went to the living room to open the door with her bag. She waited at the door on purpose for a while, but didn't get the man who didn't know how to have fun, and left home.

Marilyn had just refused Adam's invitation to the company. She asked a three days off because she had made efforts to finish her former task. She had a three day holiday and hoped to stay comfortably in the apartment with Ethan. It had just been the second day and made her very unhappy.

Marilyn thought that he must have forgotten her birthday and didn't take it seriously.

Wandering in the sea of thoughts, Ethan finally reached the shore. He jumped up from the bed, but he couldn't find Marilyn anywhere in the room. It was not until then that he remembered what Marilyn had just said.

When Marilyn arrived at the company, she found that the room was dark. When she called Adam and promised to come, he didn't mention the power failure.

Marilyn thought that the power failure should happen within one or two minutes. She didn't enter the company immediately, but hesitated at the door for a long time. She called the power supply bureau first.

"Miss Marilyn, the power in your area is normal." The answer from the electricity bureau confused Marilyn. She thought maybe she was wrong. Maybe Mr. Adam had organized an outdoor activity, so everyone turned off the power voluntarily.

Thinking of this, she walked away. Her hand slowly fumbled for the switch on the wall. When

No. we are going now." Marilyn called Ethan several times, but it didn't get through, so she gave up. She put the phone back in her bag and raised her head.

As soon as they left, Ethan came in a hurry, so they didn't meet each other.

Adam booked a table for everyone. Marilyn found that this was the western restaurant that Ethan had taken her to. At that time, Ethan told her that in order to see her all the time, he often came to this restaurant through the back door glass to have lunch.

Marilyn was lost in thought at the seat that Ethan used to sit.

"Marilyn, Marilyn?" Adam shook his hand in front of her. Marilyn came to herself and asked, "what's wrong, Mr. Adam?"

"I called you several times just now. What do you like to eat? You can order now." Adam handed the menu to today's birthday hero, while the others were discussing the dishes they wanted.

Marilyn quickly took the menu. She looked through the familiar album and looked at the food she had tasted. At this time, she had a different feeling. She even wanted to fell Ethan's feeling at that time through the glass beside her.

She didn't make a decision immediately, because she didn't like western food, but she had to always force herself to be happy. Only Ethan knew the secret about her.

Marilyn raised her head again. She looked out of the door, only to find that Ethan was there. He was wandering outside the company. What's more, she saw the existence of Rachel beside him.

Marilyn didn't want to see it anymore. She turned around in a hurry, and the glass on the table fell down because of her movement, and the water splashed all over the ground.

Adam, who was sitting opposite her, looked in the direction where she had seen. He picked up a tissue and walked around the table to wipe the water stains on her clothes. "Today is your birthday. You should be happy. Why are you so absent-minded?" He hoped that Marilyn would let go of herself for the sake of her birthday and not be distracted by that man's words and behaviors for the time being.

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