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   Chapter 185 Never Give Up

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Rachel didn't leave until it was getting dark. Ley stood on the second floor, sighing. Her kindness seemed to have seriously hurt the girl's heart.

"Rachel, you can find a room to sleep first. Don't go home tonight." Levy wanted to remind Rachel to go home and take care of herself for a few days. She was also worried that it was not safe for her to go home so late.

Rachel stared at the door blankly. She was so shocked today that she lost her mind. She didn't have much food. Levy's loving voice came down from the upstairs. However, Rachel had no response.

"Rachel? Rachel?" Levy thought that Rachel was sitting on the sofa, so she went downstairs from the second floor. "Let's go back to the bedroom. Don't be cold at night."

"Oh my God!" Levy was shocked. She saw that there were tears in Rachel's eyes, which were shining brightly in the night. She was frightened and sat on the sofa next to her.

The voice called back the soul of Rachel. "Mother Levy, why don't you go to bed?"

"Because of you. I called you three times, but you just ignored me. Are you still angry? " Levy touched the loose hair of Rachel to the back and said with concern.

"Mother Levy, please trust me. I really fell down because I was shocked. And I don't blame Miss Marilyn. Mr. Ethan misunderstood me so much." Rachel held Levy's warm hand, letting her tremble pass.

Holding this poor girl in her arms, Levy hoped her body could warm up this cold girl.

The door was open. The people inside clearly heard what the voice was. Before Levy could say anything, Rachel dashed out.

"Ethan, you're back!"

She waited anxiously, but when Ethan came, she forgot all her concerns.

At that time, Rachel had forgotten that she was a maid of the Lan family. She was only a girl who had been admiring her classmate and waiting for him to come back.

The door was closed again. There was no sound of cars, only the sound of hurried steps on the fallen leaves.

"Where...Where is Mr. Ethan? Why didn't he come back with you? " Rachel leaned against the door and watched for a long time but there was no car coming or coming nearby. Her wish was disappoint.

Marilyn was a little tired. When she saw that it was Rachel, she became more depressed. "Don't look for him, just me."

Without too much explanation, Marilyn stepped onto the stairs and went straight into her room. She didn't even see Levy sitting on the sofa in the living room.

The mixed feelings of disappointment and depression overwhelmed Rachel's heart. She didn't want to stay any longer. She was so angry that she left the Lan family.

It was too late when Levy found that Rachel was missing. Rachel had returned home. Ignoring her father's question, she went straight to her room and locked the door.

Alfred loved to invest in stock market and seldom cared about his children, but his love for his daughter would never disappear. He immediately called Levy.

"I say, you can't bully others simply because you have money!" Alfred could not open the door of his daughter's room, so he went to call Levy, his old classmate and his


"Mom, I'm going back to the apartment with Marilyn." Holding Marilyn's hand, Ethan talked to her mother. Their luggage was there upstairs and was waited for someone to move them down the stairs. It seemed that Ethan had made up his mind.

"Why are you in such a hurry? Can't you stay longer with me, son? " Levy was watching soap opera in the living room. She was sad about the situation of the hero and the heroine, but she could not accept what her son said.

"I have almost recovered. I have disturbed you for too long. And I want to live my own life." Ethan said it when he just left home for the first time. At that time, his father raised his hands and agreed. He believed that as his son had grown up, it was time for him to cultivate his independent ability to meet all kinds of challenges in the future life. Levy was unwilling to let him go.

"Mom, please don't arrange any other woman for me. Otherwise, I won't go easy on you." After that, he led Marilyn out of the room.

"Then..." Levy lowered her voice, "let's have lunch together! Then you can leave. I'll walk you out. "

With that, Marilyn held his hand and stopped him. She turned around and nodded at Levy, won her kind smile again.

The meal was delicious, but Ethan didn't want to eat more. His mother wanted to say something but was stopped by the meat from Marilyn. She didn't want Levy to be embarrassed again.

The servants loaded the bottles with Ethan's stuff.

"Mr. Ethan, I haven't put one more suitcase in the car..." The driver came to report his work.

"What's wrong?" Ethan could feel the challenge that the driver was facing so he asked him.

The driver wiped the sweat on his face and nodded to them. He said anxiously, "Rachel blocked the door and didn't allow me to move."

When Marilyn heard this, she got angry again. The food she just picked up was put back in the bowl by her hand without eating. Levy couldn't help but sigh and shook her head.

Ethan had already got up. He followed the driver to the parking lot and found that Rachel was there.

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