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   Chapter 184 Keep The Love

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Rachel kept her promise and didn't say anything. Joyce, the servant who was responsible for the cleaning work with her, couldn't stand it anymore.

"Rachel, you are just a top student. How could you be willing to take such humiliation? It is a waste for you to be a maid in Lan family. you have to endure what that woman has done to you." Joyce handed a piece of tissue to Rachel. She always defended the weak, although her own situation was not very strong.

"You can't say that. I have heard that Miss Marilyn will be the daughter-in-law of the Lan family. Eth...Oh, Mr. Ethan treasures her so much. How could I blame her? " Rachel blew her nose, threw the tissue into the trash can and hold Joyce's hand, looking very pitiful.

Joyce pulled her hand out naturally. "Then we can't just let it go. If you refuse to talk, I'll speak for you."

The arrival of Marilyn took over the task of taking care of Ethan from Joyce. She knew that Mrs. Levy had arranged her to take care of Mr. Ethan, but that woman ruined her beautiful dream and deprived her the only chance to get in touch with Ethan.

Joyce was only in her early twenties, and the prince she had dreamed of was a hero like Ethan. Although she could not be with that man in her life, it was worth getting him a cup of water or a cup of water.

As soon as Marilyn came here, many people were jealous of her, but she didn't know it.

Joyce wanted to tell Ethan. She went up the stairs and reached the second floor. She hesitated at the door for a long time before knocking at it.

"Mr...." The woman's voice was clear and sweet, and one could tell that it was said by an innocent young woman.

Without echo, Joyce shouted again, "Mr. Ethan, are you here?"

The voice of Levy sounded from behind her, which startled her. "Why do you want to see him? Just tell me what you want. He's not here now."

Leaning against the door of Ethan's room, Joyce patted her chest and asked, "Mrs. Levy, why is there no sound when you walk?" Although she was complaining, she dared not speak loudly, for fear of angering this gentle woman. After all, there was a big gap between their status.

"Young people are impulsive. What happened?" Despite her good temper, Levy was a little impatient. After talking for a long time, Joyce still didn't tell her the reason for her coming.

"It's Miss Marilyn. She..."Joyce didn't know what to say. She caught a glimpse of Levy's expression and continued, "she hit Rachel."

"What?" Levy suddenly yelled out. Joyce was so scared that she ran towards the door with a loud "clang".

"What's going on?" The moment Ethan stepped into the room, he heard the noise from upstairs. He didn't stop and saw someone knocking on his door.

"Ethan..." Levy turned around and looked at Marilyn who was behind Ethan. She said calmly, "Miss Marilyn, it's better for you to explain the whole thing in person."

"What's going on?" Ethan turned around and asked.

Marilyn told Ethan what had happened, b

"What... What do you mean?" Rachel had stopped thinking, and her brain stopped running at this moment.

"Mom, tell her to leave. I don't want to see this woman any more." He held Marilyn's hand, turned around and walked down the stairs. "Mom, we are not going to have lunch here." Ethan's explanation made Levy feel a little relieved. She closed her eyes and thought carefully about what just happened.

Rachel only found that her forehead was soaked with sweat. "No, mother Levy. I don't want to leave here." She felt like weeping but had no tears. Only then did she understand what a stupid thing she had done.

Levy knew that her son had made up his mind and there was nothing she could do.

Joyce also went to comfort Rachel. She felt very guilty that it was her "brave and courageous" that hurt this friend.

"Rachel......" Levy murmured and said with sincerity and earnestness, "how about you stay by my side for a while, and find a chance to talk to Ethan about it for you."

Rachel just shook her head. She covered her ears with her hands so that no sound could be heard. Levy hugged her and treated her as her own daughter.

Thinking of something, Rachel ran downstairs desperately, ignoring Levy and Joyce.

Ethan was about to open the door and sent Marilyn to the passenger seat. Before he could get into the car, he was pulled back by Rachel.

"Mr. Ethan, please give me one more chance. I won't dare to do it again." Seeing that her plan could not escape the investigation of Ethan, Rachel simply told him all what she had done.

Ethan didn't want to listen to her explanation. The only thing he wanted to do was to shut the door.

"One's behavior can prove his or her character. I guess your life is made up of deception, isn't it?" Looking at Rachel was stunned, he pulled her aside and started the car. The car drove away soon.

Standing in the parking lot alone, Rachel regretted what she had done. Even if she cried now, it could not change anything.

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