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   Chapter 181 Crisis In Love

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The driver was surprised. He thought that they would stay inside for a while, so he bought steamed buns from the store nearby and ate them up. Just half of the stuffed buns were eaten, Marilyn carefully helped Ethan come over.

She was in a good mood when she just walked out of the hospital. She almost forgot that Ethan was still a patient and wanted to run with him. However, the wound on his arm was involved and it took him a long time to recover.

"What happened? Why are you so excited?" He didn't understand what the woman were thinking. Even Marilyn was the woman he knew most, he couldn't understand her.

Marilyn made a face and stuck out her tongue at him. She turned around and held his arm. "You don't understand. I have been in a bad mood for a long time. I am not a punching bag."

She hated them so much that she wouldn't go back to the company to work for their own interests.

The driver quickly filled his mouth with the rest steamed stuffed buns, so that he couldn't talk to them. After mumbling, he thought it was inappropriate, so he gesticulated.

"Are you going home now?"

It took Ethan a long time to understand what he meant. He let Marilyn in first, then he got in and closed the door.

"How can you..." The driver still couldn't make a sound, so he swallowed the rest of the food in his mouth. He coughed and said, "Miss Marilyn, you have left your phone in the car. Just now someone called you. I was afraid that there was an emergency, so I answered it for you. Mr. Adam asked when you would go to work."

The driver told Marilyn about the phone call. Nobody could tell that he had eaten five steamed buns.

Ethan stared at Marilyn subconsciously, which freaked her out. "I want to go to work." She said what she thought in a tender voice, which was totally different from her attitude towards Laura and her son.

Hearing that, Ethan burst into laughter. He had wanted to know what was on Marilyn's mind, but was misunderstood by her that he was jealous again, he answered, "Okay, okay! You can go there tomorrow! I'm feeling much better now."

With a giggle, Marilyn held up his arm and leant on his shoulder, and said, "okay".

The reason why Ethan agreed Marilyn to go back to work was that he didn't want her to pay all her attention to him. It wasn't what she should do. There were maids at home, and it was more suitable for them to serve drinks and babysitters.

When Marilyn went back to the company, she found that all the famous paintings hanging in the corridor of the company had been replaced with her own designs. And the pictures were beautifully framed. She knew who did it without asking others.

"Mr. Adam, I don't think it's appropriate. What would others think of me? " Marilyn stood up and knocked on the door with her perfect design.

A sweet smile broke across Adam's face. He took out a thick picture album from the drawer. The cover and the bottom were made of papers. He handed it to Marilyn who hadn't seen him for a long time.

"This is a gift for you. Welcome back!"

After hesitating for a while,

something bad behind my back?" She felt something wrong when she entered into the bathroom.

He put on an innocent look and asked, "you mean I peeped at you behind your back?"

His sudden sweet talk didn't move her at all. "Or do you think I was the medicine and dumped it into the toilet when you missed me?"

Ethan knew he couldn't hide it any more. As a tall man, he was acting like a spoiled child. "The medicine is really bitter. You can't let me die from suffering, can you? You are killing your own husband! " When Marilyn heard that, she was so angry that she didn't know whether to cry or to laugh.

She knew the bitterness of the drug. On her first day at work, she wanted to bring him some desserts.

It was rush hour at dessert stores. The white collars would always bring a cup of milk or sweet soup on the way home. As they drank, the fatigue of a day would dissipate.

The reason why Marilyn liked this dessert was that it tasted good. What's more, the seller was a well behaved seller. The procedure from cooking to packing was open to public, and the store attracted people to visit here again. Though the line was quite long, it was Marilyn's turn soon.

Marilyn was in a very good mood after she bought the dessert, because the shop owner bought a cup of hot coffee that she liked to drink as a gift. She took a sip, the warm coffee would help her to calm down, and it was very comfortable.

When Marilyn arrived at the Lan mansion, she was still in a very good mood. She imagined how Ethan would react when he saw the delicious dessert.

The gate of the mansion was not locked. She opened and closed it slowly with her elbow. Then she walked into the house quickly.

"Ethan, guess what I brought to you." The smile on her face froze as soon as she finished her words. Putting the soup on the table, she went straight to her room. She didn't speak to Ethan the whole time.

A woman who was talking and smiling was feeding him the medicine. His so-called painstaking medicine, was now sent into his mouth piece by piece.

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