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   Chapter 177 A Blessing In Disguise

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Marilyn moved extremely slowly to avoid the sparks. The lack of experience caused her injury to her shins and wrists while looking for Ethan.

Wayne felt things were not going well. He could only return to the site when he couldn't find Marilyn around. What was more, he was very familiar with the path where he would return. He had gone through a hidden path and unpredictable bushes. Wayne met his comrade in arms quickly.

"How is it going?" Wayne asked a man who was cleaning up the mess. He didn't have a weapon and could only make a defensive posture.

"It seems that most of our enemies have fled away in panic. There are still several people who are risking their lives to fight against us.

"Well done!" Wayne knew that they must have met a tough opponent and wouldn't give up until the last minute. At this time, he could only give these stubborn guys a surprise to finish quickly.

Wayne bent over with the large tree as a cover and walked steadily to the final intersection in less than half an hour.

"Have you caught the mouse king?" Wayne asked his men who stand up from the back. Those men were on high alert and almost went off the guard.

The guard was a little angry. "What's wrong? Why are you here? Didn't you say that the hotel that was under surveillance was flattened? Why don't you run away?

Wayne was dissatisfied with the fact that he was assigned to guard the monitor at the hotel. Plus, Ethan asked him to escort a woman and leave, he was so depressed that he didn't get along well with that woman and lost her.

"I can't wait to help you here." Speaking of this, he showed a strong will as a man.

"Go, go ahead. The car is obstructing my task."

Wayne walked ahead straightly and went to the side of Ethan.

He was hiding in the bushes.

"Boss, our enemy seems to be tired. When Ethan heard the voice, he looked around and found it was Wayne. He stopped his opponent and tried to calm himself down. "How about the thing I told you?"

Ethan was surprised to see Wayne. He didn't ask him to go back after he sent Marilyn safely to the airport, witnessed her boarding and saw the plane took off. Instead, he could hid himself somewhere and waited for the good news.

Wayne didn't respond. He thought he shouldn't distract at this mome

ne dared to stop their future Mrs.

It was always Ethan who did everything for her when she got injured. This time, it was herself who did it.

Marilyn took over the task from the nursing worker and told her that she would take care of Ethan in person. The nursing worker was happy to see that, so he walked away.

When Ethan was sober, Marilyn was mopping the floor in the room. She put down the mop and walked quickly towards him.

"Have some water when you wake up. You must be thirsty now." As she spoke, she took a sip of the water and handed it to him.

"I'm thirsty, but I don't want to drink water. I want..." He held her tightly to the bed and launched a fierce attack on her, regardless of his pain.

Not wanting to touch Ethan's unhealed wound, Marilyn widened her eyes and shouted, "Hey! Your wound!"

The way Marilyn worked today was extremely charming. Her messy hair covered the part of her forehead, showing her shyness.

The wound dehiscence was inevitable. Therefore, Ethan had to stay in the hospital for another month.

It was getting closer and closer when she came back home, and she still couldn't undo what she was worried about, because she later knew that the man who protected her was dead. She knew that if she didn't insist on returning, it would not have happened.

"Let me tell you a good news. I have three months off. In this way, I can stay with you and protect you all the time." Ethan told Marilyn the news as soon as he got the order. He wanted Marilyn to feel better.

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