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   Chapter 176 Share Joys And Sorrows

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"No, I don't agree." Immediately, Marilyn refused. She had made up her mind to go in and out with Ethan and share joys and sorrows together.

Ethan had been taking care of her all the time. She also wanted to give him some warmth as much as she could.

Ethan turned off the monitoring of his room and put his arms around Marilyn's chair. She could not move. "It's dangerous for you to stay here, and I'll be distracted. I won't stay here. I'll go back to the camp tonight."

Ethan thought that he would never put this woman in any danger.

"I promise I won't interrupt your important task, just leave me here." With these words, Marilyn walked towards the bed and took a look at it. Then she sat down on the bed. She felt that the bed was too soft and she would definitely feel sore in the back after sleeping for a long time.

Seeing that Ethan wanted to argue with her, his phone rang. "Hey, what's going on?" After a while, he said, "Okay, I'll go back right now!"

Immediately, Marilyn realized that there must be an emergency. His face darkened.

"I think I don't have time to send you back. If you insist on staying, promise me, take care of yourself." Marilyn nodded without saying anything.

She intended to wait for him to speak out the content and the reason why he suddenly changed his mind, but five minutes later, she did not hear it, knowing that this was the calm before a storm.

In this way, Marilyn was left in the hotel and stayed with a bunch of cold machines.

With a quick glance at the screens, he found a mouse was running in one of them. When he looked back at the sleeping Marilyn, a mixed feeling surged in his heart. He knew that if he didn't take part in the action, he would only be scolded. If he chose to go, he could never come back.

In the past few days, Marilyn had never been able to sleep so comfortably. After putting her to sleep on purpose, Ethan left the room. Standing at the door for a few seconds, he walked away decisively.

All kinds of heavy weapons were carried out and placed in the places where the confrontation was. They need to ensure the best shooting power and the biggest attacking range.

Ethan got in throng a secret passageway with a special access card. If someone wanted to pass in privately, he would be caught to death immediately.

"How's it going?" Ethan found a subordinate who was adjusting the gesture and strength of the weapons when they were fighting with the enemy.

"Everything is ready. We are waiting for the appointed attack time to come, and it will come in an instant." One of his m

the ladies' room. The public toilet here was in good condition, which had something to do with C Country's culture. The people here liked to do things to the utmost.

The bad guys would break to the limit, the law would be strict to the limit, and even the bathroom would be clean to the limit.

In this way, Marilyn worried about Ethan more. She thought the people here should not be underestimated, and that he should have encountered a problem that could not be solved.

Ethan's subordinate Wayne was still waiting for her at the next intersection.

"Lady, have you done yet?" Wayne's hands were sweaty. He knew the danger was getting closer and closer.

Wayne didn't get response. He was panicked. He didn't know whether Marilyn was in trouble or in the wrong way. If so, things would get worse.

Then Wayne started to move towards the ladies' room and shouted at Marilyn from time to time, but there was no reply. He then turned around and looked for the cubicle one by one.

He realized that Marilyn was missing. He had screwed up the task that Ethan had given him.

Wayne didn't know how to make it. The only thing he could do was to get back to the place where he was needed.

In the end, Marilyn chose to go back. She believed that Ethan would be in the most dangerous place. Since she had said that she would share difficulties with him, she had to do what she said.

The sound of gunshots echoed in the air, making it even more certain about the direction of Marilyn, who was now marching in every direction towards the most dangerous place.

"I'm coming. You must wait for me." She called Ethan in her heart. She knew soon she would meet the man who was tough, resolute, but gentle to her.

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